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Coffee table tray

For a while now I've wanted to do something with our coffee table. It always seems so messy with post, magazines, paperwork to action and pens all over it and the two random candles didn't seem to be cutting it.

The coffee table is pretty much one of the focal points in the room, as well as being one of the most used and functional.

I wanted to make it a little more styled, but still feeling cosy and not too over 'showhouse' like.

So once the paperwork and magazines were all cleared up it looked so empty and lifeless. I actually felt sorry for the coffee table, as we were definitely not using it to it's full potential and it deserved so much more!

I've seen in pictures across social media and in magazines of very cool looking trays and various knick knacks styled on coffee tables. Could I re-create something similar? Hell I could!

OK, so our furniture is all a little miss-matched at the mo, as I've mentioned in previous posts, but that doesn't mean we can't style it up!

I started with a tray. I chose this one from Tesco's, as our furniture is wood and I thought it keeps it all in the same theme. I do love the white and clear trays that are all the rage at the mo, but they just would of looked really odd and out of place on our coffee table!

From B&M stores I picked up a couple of gorgeous candles. Only £2.49 each and they smell divine! The tall one is 'vanilla' and the sparkly one is 'toasted nutmeg'. I grouped them with another vanilla candle I already had, which incidentally was only a euro from Lidl's!

I chose these three candles because they are all different heights and widths, but because they are still in the same 
colour theme it works. If they were all the same height they would look too samey samey and risk looking, boring
Different heights work really well on a coffee table and it makes it have a bit more of an edge to it.

I also like how there's a little bit of sparkle on the candles, but be careful when choosing sparkly items, as if there's 
too much and too brightly coloured you could run the risk of it all starting to look a tad tacky. Keep it simple and neutral, 
that way it remains classy and classic.

I placed the three candles in one corner, the remote controls diagonal to the candles, in size order, yep, the ocd is slipping in!

There was a little bit of an empty space in the middle, so I place two of my slate heart shaped coasters, one on top of the other at 
an angle to fill the void.

Voilá. One very cosy and slightly festive (without being too Christmassy too early!) coffee table tray.

I'm now on the lookout for a coffee table book, to sit on the opposite side from the tray. I'm after something that would suit both me and Mark, whilst still keeping in with the colour theme! So nothing to pink and girly! Let me know your recs!

shop the post ↓↓↓

coasters here || tray here || coffee table here

I'm really chuffed, if I do say so myself, at how this turned out! Very inexpensive and something anyone can re-create! 

Let me know your tips to making your home that little bit more cosy and homely and check out more ideas just here.

Have a fab weekend!

Heather ♥


  1. I love what you have done with the tray, it gives off a nice cosy feel to your room. Just had a look at the tray and not very expensive either, just might have to get one would be lovely for breakfast in bed too :)

    The Life of Dee

    1. Aww thank you so much!! I am chuffed at how it turned out! Simple idea, but quite effective! Oh yes defo double up for breakfast in bed hehe! : )


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