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Favourite Beef

Hiya Guys!

OK, I NEED to share with you one of our favourite mid-week meals in the Townsend household.

Seriously, it must be one of the most easiest and simplest meals to make (you know that's my fave to make!) with very little 
ingredients, but it really is, soo blimin' tasty!

OK, so all you need is....

Chopped beef 
(for two of us I use one & a half packs of 600g beef - 
so that's 900g of chopped beef I guess!! Hehe!)
Half an onion chopped
One clove of garlic chopped
Soy sauce
Bay leaves

I love Bay leaves and swear this is what gives it the flavour!

Heat a little oil in a pan - I use the 1 cal spray!
Add the onion and garlic - turn down to a low heat.

Drizzle some soy sauce over and sprinkle in some Bay leaves

Stir and keep on a low heat and let them gently cook and soften

+ + that's soy you can see not oil, lol! + +

Add in your beef

Give it all a good stir so that the onion/garlic mixes through

Turn the heat up slightly and stir every now and then

Keep cooking the beef until it's cooked (funnily enough!)
and all the juices have cooked off

Once all the juices have disappeared it's pretty much there...

Give it all one more good stir...

and serve.

I hope you find it as tasty as us!!


Heather ♥


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