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How I've recently lost 10lbs and still going....

Losing weight

So for the past few weeks, OK more like five or six Mark and I have been on a 'diet'. I'll use the word 'diet' loosely as it hasn't been absolutely 100% strict - which I think is key - from my recent experience anyway.

In this post I just literally want to let you guys know what I've been doing to lose 10lbs and probably what I could of done to of shifted a few more!

I know what you're thinking 'cause soo many people say it when they know you're on a diet or trying to be 'good'. "Oh you don't need to lose weight" "there's nothing of you" "have another helping". OK the middle one no-ones actually said to me, lol, but I'm just painting a picture for you!

+ + I'm doing it because it's how I personally feel about me and something that's gonna make me feel better! + +

Personally I'm losing weight as I felt I was getting a tad porky. My clothes were getting tighter and I could tell my general health was suffering. Basics, like, getting out of breath walking up the stairs! Crazy! Not good!

I'm guessing that these are the main reasons most people want to lose weight, is to feel better in themselves. I'm not gonna lie, it does feel damn good when you can fit in that pair of jeans again or get the zip done all the way up on the skirt that's been hanging in your wardrobe for like, forever.  

I'm not talking about getting down to a supermodel weight - unless you want to be a supermodel, then go for it! But I'm talking about more of a natural healthy weight. I've pretty much got to the weight I'm finally happy with. I want to lose a couple more pounds, just so I have a little bit of flexibility for when I have a blow out! 

Come on, there's no reason not to be honest. We like our food, we are gonna binge from time to time! 

I want a bit of a 'weight buffer' if you like!

OK, so how have I done it? How I've recently lost 10lbs and still going....

I'm sure you've heard me mention before about the Dukan diet. This really is our 'go-to' plan when we want to shred the weight. But we haven't done it strictly to the word, but kind of adapted it to our lifestyle. Taken the basic idea if you like and incorporated it into our lifestyle.

We did start off though for the first week and a bit really, really strict. Basically Meat (sorry vegetarians! aka my Sister!)

+ + Only skimmed milk in tea & coffee. Drink peppermint tea where possible. This is actually so much easier then you'd think. You know I love my herbal teas, so for me this is 'normal'. Just make sure you have peppermint tea bags with you and switch all your daily caffeinated drinks for the peppermint.

+ + I also like to have a mug of Matcha or Pu-erh tea daily along with the Peppermint. Matcha and Pu-erh really are your super teas and they are known for helping with weight loss! See posts on them here and here! I've also found these Pukka Matcha tea bags which are ideal to keep in your handbag or your desk at work!

Pukka Matcha tea bags

+ + For breakfast I have two oatibix with skimmed milk - Marks really good and has scrambled eggs - literally 3 eggs scrambled - no milk, no butter - as long as you give them a good whisk up and don't overcook them, they taste just as good! Add pepper if you fancy! Or chilli flakes like me! Yum!

+ + Lunches, basically sliced meats, hard boiled eggs - these are the easiest to carry around with you. If you're at home you could have scrambled eggs again, poached eggs, dippy eggs lol!

+ + You can have prawns, calamari, smoked salmon, M&S do an amazing smoked salmon! OMG! I'm salivating at the thought!!

+ + Tuna is another good one. Tinned tuna (in water) drain and mix with chopped up hard boiled egg, a little chopped onion and mix with a little quark. Add chilli flakes to give it a bit of spice!

+ + Dinners are pretty basic and I have a few in my recipe section. Literally meat only (no fat) I do use half an onion in most dishes too! Use different herbs and spices to add flavour!

+ + Drink tons of water!! At least 1.5 litres a day!

After a week or so you will get used to it and because you are eating less your stomach naturally shrinks, so you will become full.

We are quite a few weeks in and have started to introduce more foods. You can't live on just meat forever, lol! 

+ + Because I'm a complete bread addict I really struggle with cutting bread out completely. I have found a solution though! Weight Watchers bread! It's only 51 calories a slice and tastes really good! I have been nibbling on this and still losing the weight!

+ + To our dinners I add some salad in here and then and some green veg too.

+ + I also like to have a shot of Aloe Vera Gel each morning! Get yours here!

+ + If you follow my snapchat you would of seen I'm really into my Dukan Cookies! The recipes here - at first they did seem a bit bland, but I drizzle some Forever Bee Honey on the top, which makes all the difference! This really is my 'guilt free treat'! Get some Bee Honey here!

Forever Living Products

Come the weekend now we do take the foot off the pedal. We treat ourselves to a cake at Costa, but still keep the latte skinny! We had a pizza last night, but had a medium instead of the large! Little changes do make all the difference and just be sensible. If you are gonna have a 'cheat day' have one thing, don't binge on it all. It's not going anywhere!

A few times we have gone completely off the rails, especially when we've been in Spain and we're not proud of it. It may seem tasty at the time, but we just end up feeling ridiculously full, headaches come on and we can't sleep properly. Now that's not fun.

We are actually enjoying our new eating regime. When we do have a 'blow out' we're probably not eating as much as we did when we binged in the past. We're learning to control ourselves! *insert laughing emoji* Even though a few extra pounds creep on after the weekend, each week they come off quicker and quicker.

Peppermint Tea

I now need to work on my exercise. I know if I did more exercise the weight would be staying off better and I would be toning up too.

I feel now I have the eating under control, it is time to work on the fitness. I am aware of my bingo wings, lol! Something needs to be done asap!

It's true what they say 'everything in moderation'! 

Keep an eye on my recipe section for healthy eating/low cal meal ideas.

What's your top tip for losing weight and getting yourself moving!?
Let me know in the comments below!!

Have a great day guys!

Heather ♥

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