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Peppermint tea & candles...


OK, so I think I jinxed our weather with yesterdays post!

Where has the beautiful winter sun gone?!?! Come back. I want you glaring in my car window - all is forgiven!!!

I'm really not keen on this bitter coldness that's suddenly approached our shores! But I guess we've been pretty lucky to get to November 1st before the temperatures changed!

So what are you all up too on this chilly Tuesday?? I have been cleaning, cleaning and cleaning! I've given our little pad a good tidy up and it's looking soo much better now. I don't know how it gets so messy, as it's only me and Mark and the two furbys!

I've had a little re-jig of things. Nothing too drastic, just relocated some blankets and moved the location of the furbs food bowls and litter tray! But it does look a lot tidier. Sometimes a little tweak here and there can make a big difference!

It's hard with us renting, as you can't do much with the decor etc and our furniture is a bit of a mis-match at the mo, as all our decent bits are in Spain. But I try my best to add the odd little knick knack to make it feel a little homelier!

Soooo, I am currently sipping peppermint tea (you know I love a herbal tea!) in my huge mug with the letter H on, which I'm sure you would of spied it on my Snapchat and Instagram by now!

I also have a vanilla candle on the go, which is giving the lounge a lovely little glow with the wintry day through the window. I do love candles. Mark hates me burning them, as he says they're dangerous. Yes, technically they are, but I make sure I follow all safety guidelines and don't leave the candle unattended, haha.... I do feel a bit of a rebel burning them when he's at work! The excitement hahahaha...... 

If you clicked the link above for the mug you would of seen it's from Matalan. I must admit I am loving Matalan at the mo. I picked up some lovely bits form there the other day. This Cold Shoulder Jumper which I am in love with! It's so cozy and it feels fab on! I am a little late to the cold shoulder party, but I am loving it now and can't wait to find some more bits to bare my shoulders in!! The jumper fits lovely, but I maybe should of got the medium, as even though the small fits me perfectly and is still roomy, the sleeves are a little short - but I remember when I tried the medium on it was way too big, ahh never mind - still love it!

I also picked up this Snow Jumper, which is fabbbbbb!! I did get a medium in this one, as the small was a little snug and I wanted it to be baggy. I think it looks better in the bigger size!

Lucky I have pur-chased a couple of new knits, because I think the winter weather is set to stay!

Right I'm off - got a few bits to iron - tip, don't let your ironing build up, iron straight away! Also, going to read a couple of magazines and paint my nails in my new varnish 'Rimmel lose your lingerie'. A lovely pale pink - I do like a pale pink nail in the winter!!

Have a good day guys whatever you're up too!

H ♥

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  1. I love lighting up all the candles in my house makes it so cosy! I definitely wont let my ironing pile get too big haha.

    Abigail Alice x

    1. I love a candle especially this time of year! xx

  2. Perfect situation! ;)


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