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The Fashion Bible

This morning you guys would of seen over on snapchat and insta stories (yes I'm trying to up my game on insta stories! I always forget!) I had a little delivery from The Fashion Bible.

Yesterday, I vowed I would blog, blog, blog all bloody day! But that just didn't happen... what did happen though, was an online shopping spree! For my fashion bible orders, I treated myself to next day delivery lol, sometimes I just can't wait! You know how it is...

Soooo..... I pur-chased this gorgeous embroidered skirt, which I have been lusting after for ages now! probably only the last week, but you know...

Anddd... The cutest unicorn tee ever! I'm obsessed!

As they have literally arrived today and it's pissing it down outside there's no time for an official ootd post featuring these beauty's, so I hope you enjoy them in this format all the same!

I must admit, the skirt I got is an 8-10 (which is a small), as the other sizes were sold out. The skirt does fit, lol and the zip does up and everything, but I can't help to think is it a little on the small side and too short for my 34 year old (bordering on 35 year old) legs! But I love it! Arghhh, the confusion of it all! I need to have another trying on sesh with tights this time.... And I am planning on losing another couple of pounds which I think will make all the difference! I can tell tho, if I had of got the 10-12 that would of come up a little too big and risked losing it's shape, but maybe not... hmmm advice please!

++ I've been hunting on the website for this skirt so I can link it for you, but I can't find it anywhere! I think it's sold out, 
maybe I got the last one??... ++

The unicorn tee! Which I love! I think the bloggers amongst us will understand, haha. Why do we love unicorns soo much!?

I ordered a size 10-12 which shows as a medium on the label, this one is a perfect fit. Not too tight or clingy, still slightly loose, but still fitted if that makes sense! 

I already have so many ideas for my unicorn tee. The obvious, keeping it casual with jeans (which I may wear on my flight Friday!). Also, I love a slogan tee with a skirt and heels, boots and even trainers. Keeping it retro under a pinafore dress or dungarees! Arghhhh, can I wear it all at once please! Haha....... Too excited! 

What would you team the unicorn tee with? Please let me know your ideas! 
Oh and on the skirt - do I keep it??!!

Happy hump day guys!

Catch ya later!

Heather ♥

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  1. Replies
    1. I know I love it so much! Just can't help it's too short! lol!

  2. A little update - I did send the skirt back! It was way to short and I wasn't gonna wear it lol! In love with the tee still and been wearing it loads when I've been over in Spain!

  3. I have to agree that the skirt looks amazing, it is a pity you had to send it back.

    1. Thanks Anne-Marie. It was a lovely skirt and good quality too, but it was too short for me lol! I'm on the look out for a slightly longer one haha!


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