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Along Came Betty, The One & Only Gift Set

I had been spying this gift set in Tesco for a couple of weeks. The 1/2 price sign would always catch my eye and I'd always have a nose at the collection. One day Mark came to Tesco with me and I casually pointed it out to him, thinking that I maybe be subtly giving him a hint for something to buy me for Christmas.

In his usual fashion 'well if you want it, get it'.... hmmm, but I gave him that look as to say 'but I want you to get it for me'.... being the mind reader he is, he promptly replied, 'I'll get it for you, chuck it in the trolley'.... YIPPEE!

Since that day the set has been sitting on our dining room table, as I kept saying to myself, I want to write a blog post so I mustn't use any of it until it's been photographed! Constant blogger problem - nothing can be eaten or used until a photo-shoot has taken place, standard. 

So, I have been meaning to write this post for a little while now and I wanted to share my thoughts before Christmas gets here! The half price promo finishes Christmas Eve and I think this Along Came Betty set would make a fabulous gift!

It's only £10 on promotion, which I think is bloody good value. I love the 50's inspired packaging which does remind me a lot of Soap and Glory! (which is another favourite of mine!). The size of the bottles range from 200ml to 50ml. so definitely decent sizes! The pink rubber duck is just the cutest and the mini shower puff is always a handy item to have! Not forgetting it all comes in a huge wash bag which is fab!

The smell 'Peachy Keen', do you like what they've done there!? Smells sooooo good! And it lingers for a while too which I love. Along with the body puff, the duck and the wash bag, the set contains, Bath Soak 200ml, Shower Wash 200ml, Body Lotion 75ml, Skin Polish 50ml and Bath Crystals 100g.

So far I've used the body wash, which lathered up a treat and well, washed, haha! I then tried out the body polish which is actually in a gel form. I was expecting it to be more of a scrub. It does contain little jojoba oil beads which 'polish' the skin fabulously! The body lotion is the perfect finish leaving the skin so soft and subtle. Also, it's kept the dry skin on my hands at bay too!

I'm yet to try out the bath soak and bath crystals, but judging by what I've used already,  I'm sure they are going to make any bath, a lovely heavenly soak!

This Along Came Betty set is definitely a winner for me. I reckon this would suit pretty much any age group! I'm 34 and love it (but then again, I am quite easily pleased, haha!). Seriously though, I think the price point, the amount of products, the huge wash bag it comes in, the quirky attractive packaging and the quality of the products just screams, the perfect Christmas 'smellies' gift! You seriously cannot go wrong with this one!

I'm sure any female opening this up on Christmas Day would be over the moon! 
I know I would be!!

Heather ♥

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