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Christmas List's

So it's not long till Santa arrives! It is actually 16 days in fact! WTF! How'd that happen??????

I am one of those annoying people to proudly say - All presents bought and wrapped! Yipee! (I think anyway! haha!).

Decorations are up - well as many that are going up, sans tree again this year, as the furbys just wreck it *insert laughing emoji* so it is so much easier and less stressful not to bother!

Christmas Day is planned and deposit paid.... And that is pretty much it I think!

This must be one of the least stressful Decembers I've had!

Oh, actually I'm fibbing. You would of seen on my snapchat yesterday, I was having proper issues with my wrapping paper! Arghhh! So pretty, but so much glitter on it that it just wouldn't stick down! So if you receive a glitter wrapped pressie from me, apologies in advance for the amount of cellotape - it's the only way I could get it to stick! *insert another laughing emoji*

OK - wrapping paper drama aside - I'm all sorted and I like it!

While I was wrapping the final presents yesterday I was thinking about how gifting should be fun. It should be a pleasure giving presents and all these 'Christmas Lists' shouldn't really happen.... it's not what it's about is it!

When I was younger I did write a 'Christmas List' - but thinking about it, I think it's a bit wrong. Christmas shouldn't be about I want I want I want - It should be about friends and family spending time together, making memories... presents are just a bonus!

I used to get soo stressed out over presents - but now I just buy what I personally would like - I will admit that a few people I bought for this year were more difficult then others. I do worry that they won't like their presents - but that's wrong isn't it - to poo poo a gift someones bought for you!

But on the other hand, there were a few people I bought gifts for that I got really excited about!

By buying someone a gift or simply posting a card it's saying - I'm thinking of you this Christmas - am I wrong???

This time of year should be happy and not stressful - let's wave goodbye to the stress and start enjoying it instead!

+ + Don't diss a present someones bought for you, they've spent their hard earned money on you + +

Remember what it's all about and Enjoy Christmas!!!

Heather ♥

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