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Torremolinos, Costa Del Sol

- this post contains affiliate links, please see my contact/info page for more info - Hola! How's everyone's January going? It is literally flying past for me! Is it for you? I'm, to be honest, pleased that we're braking the back of January as I am 100% fed up with the miserable weather and am sooo over winter!!  Can it be summer already?? Please.... Luckily for me Mark had to go over to Malaga for work the other week, so to combat my winter blues I obviously had to tag along!  We flew early in the morning from Gatwick. We landed on time and Mark had to head straight to a meeting, which was fine, I am tagging along after all! Once at the hotel - which was beautiful! The MeliĆ” . (we love using  for our hotels & Expedia  too). Right on the beach front in Torremolinos. We were in one of the renovated rooms and they are stunning! Very white - very blogger-esque  - very modern and sooo comfy!  We had a sea view whi