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Diary Chats - Shopping day treat

+ loving black nail varnish at the mo! +

I do love supermarkets these days.

It's not only about getting your weekly groceries anymore.

It's a full on shopping experience.

Some weeks it's my only interaction with the outside world, lol!

You don't have to pay for parking (which is a bit of a bug bear of mine and Marks, pee's us off actually having to pay ­£3 to park in town for a few hours! No wonder the high streets dying off!).

So yeah, you don't have to pay to park, you've obviously got your grocery section, but in my case upstairs you also have the clothing, home, electrical and of course Costa Coffee!

Which is my fave when out and about, so I love that they are literally popping up everywhere!

Along with my grocery shop I picked up this gorgeous black bag.

It's cross body design, very simple. Very sleek. With the best gold detailing on the zip.

For me this will be perfect when travelling. As these days we are restricted to one piece of hand luggage, but it is nice to have your personal bits at easy reach. Also if the airlines get funny, it will pop in your wheelie bag no probs.

It will also make a great evening bag. When you want something a bit more casual then a clutch, but still want to keep it classy.

For £9 you can't go wrong!

I haven't been getting on with my Rimmel BB cream lately. I mean it's OK, but that's it, OK. Doesn't really have any impact. Time to try something else!

I picked up this L'Oreal CC cream (1p cheaper in Superdrug lol). I'm not really sure what CC cream is lol, but I have seen it casually mentioned across social media recently, so thought I'd give it a go. £10 in Tesco, so I'm hoping it's gonna be a winner!

+ + + + + +

I'm still freezing, so gonna go and make myself a lovely cup of tea, research
this CC cream, lol! and try to stay clear of any chocolate! 

Hope you're having a good Tuesday!

♥ Heather

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  1. the bag and it certainly looks a lot more expensive than that. Good choice!


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