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Diary Chats - Time for Spain

Hiya guys!

First of all, a massive 100% big sorry that my posts are a little far and few between at the mo! More then normal haha!  I don't have any real excuses other then I'm soo freakin' cold it's making me feel so uninspired and quite honestly just a complete lazy arse!

It's really starting to take it's toll this renting lark and just 'making do' all the time.

It's totally overdue for us to head back and actually live in our own home, with all our belongings around us and start well, living again!

Instead of moaning about it all the time, Mark and I have sat up and taken control of our situation and are making the change happen!

In a nutshell, we're moving back to Spain to our own home! For good this time, not a temporary fixture - for good. And we couldn't be more happy about our decision!

So over the next few weeks we are slowly moving our things a wheelie bag and suitcase at a time and wrapping up the rental here. By Easter we will be fully back living in warmer climes, yay!

We are so excited it's unreal and are on complete countdown!

Also, we cannot wait for our fur-babies to be back in the sunshine again. They are really pining for some warmth - well they are from the desert!

Also, the cold weather is playing havoc with Poppy's asthma, poor little thing....

Not to mention Mark and I are sunny people and are missing the bright, clear, sunny days!

We are sooo looking forward to finally, after all these years of owning our house, building it up, the day has come where we can properly live in our home and live our Spanish dream!

Of course I will taking you guys on our journey too, so make sure you stayed tuned to the blog and follow me over on my various social media (all links below ↓). 


♥ Heather 

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  1. Congrats on making the move back to Spain! I have family who lived in Alicante for years and they absolutely loved it.

    Abigail Alice 💕

    1. Thank you lovely!It is a lovely area and this move is well overdue - feels so good to of finally made the 'decision'! xx

  2. Take me with you........................:)


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