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Tomato & Egg Scrambler

You know I like easy, simple food?

And I also like when it's quick and easy to make.

And tasty - it's gotta be tasty!

The other day I thought I'd make myself a tomato omelette. Now omelettes are apparently one of the easiest dishes to make, but, but for me I'm completely cack-handed and they turn out a complete mess. I mean a serious mess on the plate, very unappetizing!

So when I was attempting my tomato omelette I kinda changed tactics and turned it into a more of a scrambled egg and tomato 'mix'.

The next day I thought about this and adapted it slightly and voliĆ”, you have my tomato and egg scrambler!

So easy to do and it makes the best lunchtime dish ever!

I mixed three eggs up in a dish - I don't use any extra milk or butter - just the eggs.

OK, then I spritzed some of the 1 cal oil into the pan. Add chopped tomato, pepper and chilli flakes. You know I like a bit of spice!

Once the tomato has cooked slightly I then pour the egg mix over, and keep stirring.

I turn the heat down really low and I like to cook my scrambled eggs slowly. I like my eggs quite stodgy and I hate it when they're overcooked!

In the toaster I popped in a couple of slices of some low calorie bread I found in one of the local supermarkets in Spain. Sooo good! But I would usually of used the weight watchers bread - which I swear has been my saviour where I've been cutting down!

Buttered my toast, ripped up some ham on top and then once my tomato and egg mix was the right consistency I put a healthy dollop on top!

I'll be repeating this later today!


♥ Heather

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  1. That really does sound (and look) yummy! Might have to try that for brunch sometime. Thanks for sharing.


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