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Torremolinos nightstop!

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How's everyone's January going?

It is literally flying past for me! Is it for you?

I'm, to be honest, pleased that we're braking the back of January as I am 100% fed up with the miserable weather and am sooo over winter!! 
Can it be summer already?? Please....

Luckily for me Mark had to go over to Malaga for work the other week, so to combat my winter blues I obviously had to tag along! 

We flew early in the morning from Gatwick.

We landed on time and Mark had to head straight to a meeting, which was fine, I am tagging along after all!

Once at the hotel - which was beautiful! The MeliĆ”. (we love using for our hotels & Expedia too). Right on the beach front in Torremolinos.
We were in one of the renovated rooms and they are stunning! Very white - very blogger-esque - very modern and sooo comfy! 
We had a sea view which was just the best!

So after a quick nose around the room, a few ooos and ahhhs, we hung up our clothes and had a quick cup of tea sitting on the sun drenched balcony while our phones charged.

Off we went on the hunt for food and beverage!

We strolled along the lovely promenade taking in the beautiful views of the beach and sea. 
Quite a few places were shut - understandably as it is January! 

+ + can you tell I was loving the snapchat geo filters! + +

We stopped at Banana's Beach Bar, prime view of the sea and ordered ourselves a large beer, 
some Pil Pil Prawns - to die for, a must! - and a carbonara pizza - which was lush!

Just what we needed!

Tummy's full and a slight beer buzz we continued along the promenade to see what else was going on.

The rocks are amazing and there were loads of pigeons just casually hanging out in the nooks and crannies.

We met this gorgeous fella too.

He certainly enjoyed our cuddles as a little bit of dribble popped out onto his paw! Awwww! 
We wanted to adopt him immediately! But I think he's doing alright!

After saying goodbye to our new buddy we turned round and headed back towards the hotel.

The sea has such a calming effect - I could sit and stare for hours.

Our hotel in the background!

So many gorgeous Palm Trees everywhere!

No dogs in the trees!
*insert laughing emoji*
made us laugh anyway... hehe

I decided on an impromptu ootd.
The pics didn't really turn out as planned haha - too many lumps and bumps popping out from the Christmas indulgence!

Ahhh - that's better! Hidden behind the tree!

We then continued our stroll to a little supermarket just past the hotel to get some room supplies!

As we were walking back towards the hotel we spotted a side street, so of course we had to have a look!

A bendy street with more bars, mini marts, little random clothing shops.
A lovely little find! fyi, the bottled water was cheaper up there too!

Everything built up into the hills!

Gorgeous, interesting buildings!

A bar to try next time??

The MeliĆ” has a gorgeous pool area btw!
A revisit in the summer is a must, as I NEED to try the pool out!

A quick tired selfie of us!

Then a quick chill (aka a cup of tea on the balcony) and change,
then off out for dinner with Marks Malaga team!

The morning sunrise was beautiful.

My spot for the morning while Mark worked. 

I can think of worse places to spend a January morning!

Even though we were there for a very short time I absolutely loved everything I saw of Torremolinos!
I am desperate to go back and explore more! 

The Monarch flights were perfect if you want a cheeky night away! Early in the morning on the day of departure, so you have all afternoon and evening there and then back the next day in the evening. Which leaves you all day to enjoy and explore even more!

Have you been to Torremolinos before?

Please share any tips as it is definitely on our list to return!

¡Hasta luego!

♥ Heather


  1. Replies
    1. Ahh thanks hun, they were just ones I took on my phone - always forget my camera, such a bad blogger lol xx

  2. Nick and I know Torremolinos like the back of our hand! Those narrows streets and steps keep winding up, with little shops and stalls along the way, and they take you up to the centre of Torremolinos, Calle San Miguel and the main square. Continue up on your next visit!!!

    1. Oh wow thanks for the tips hun! We're heading back next week hehe, hopefully we'll be able to explore a little more!! xx


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