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Diary Chats - Finding inspiration

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Yesterday Mark had meetings up in Luton, so I thought I'd go along for the ride and keep him company while battling the crazy M25 traffic!

Mark dropped me off at a nearby hotel, where I thought I'd get loads of blogging done and work on my social media and just brainstorm for Suncream and Sparkles.

How wrong I was.

Now, I am all one for a change of scenery to bring in some new inspiration. Everyday I see on Instagram people sitting and writing away at trendy coffee shops and hotel lobby's.

Which in my mind was going to be me.

I ordered myself a latté and some biscuits, then found a cosy round table and set my 'desk' up.

Sounds fancy, but it was only my iPad, phone and notebook, but you know - let's go with it!

The place was empty. Perfect.

I then just found myself sat staring mindlessly at my iPad screen. Flicking back and forth between screens, with a complete blankness going on in my head.

'OK - I'll just have a scroll through insta and twitter, then I'll start'.

The scrolling continued, flipping from one social app to another, really not taking anything in or achieving anything.

The boredom was creeping up and my mind was becoming more and more numb, I couldn't believe it.

I then ordered a Peppermint Tea and relocated to another table of the hotel lobby, hoping it would infuse a smidgen of inspiration.

But no. nothing came.

I was so annoyed with myself, as I really thought it would be the perfect opportunity to really get some posts in the bank and have some wild social media strategy going on, LOL!

But then it did in a way, as it gave me an idea to write this post.

Creativity cannot be forced.

It just 'happens'. And when it does you should just let it flow.

I do believe that a change of scenery does spark something inside, but for me the location and surroundings yesterday were all wrong.

A dull, dark and uninspiring hotel lobby, is definitely one not to repeat.

So, I will be continuing to find my hipster coffee shop or my patch of lush green grass in a bustling park or that perfect quiet sandy beach, with the subtle sound of the waves crashing.

But for now, I will settle for my makeshift office in my little rental and furbys snoozing away on their various beds.

What's your favorite place to get yourself inspired? 

Have a great weekend guys - I'm going to make myself some egg mayo on low calorie bread for lunch! Yum!

♥ Heather

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  1. I'm like this more often than not, have all these great plans and ideas, then sit down, wherever that might be.......and nothing!!! Brain dead! Ah well, like you say nothing good will come of trying to force it :)

  2. I totally hear ya! I started my blog a year ago, but time/work restraints meant that I just couldnt find my rhythm with it. Id sit down to write and find myself doing work stuff or other distractions. Im in the process of creating myself a "space" to use. My husband is thrilled that I have added yet another job to his decorating list hahaha

    Kerry x

    1. I am so easily distracted it's crazy! I'm in the process of turning my dressing room into a blog office/dressing room too! Us girls NEED our little creative spaces!! xx

  3. I get nervous writing in public spaces in fear that someone might read what I'm writing behind my back, so I can only write in the comfort of my room, haha! So it's hard for me to be productive too! By the way, peppermint tea is my favorite!

    Kim | Simply Lovebirds

    1. Hi Kim, me too, I always have to make sure I have a wall behind me lol! Peppermint tea is one of my faves too!! Thanks for stopping by! xx


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