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Diary Chats - Quick roundup

Happy Hump Day Guys!!

And Happy February 1st!


Finally we can say goodbye to January and get full swing into 2017.

I don't want to be unkind to January or anything because it was quite a good month personally, lol - we went to Torremolinos for the night and made huge life decisions (see the posts here & here)! But I know it is always a quiet month and everyone's waiting for payday! LOL!

+ + + + + +

OK, so Mark got back from his recent trip last night - which I can't tell you where he's been, Arghhh I know!

It is a cool place in Europe, but it's a top secret mission for work, so my lips are sealed!

Hopefully I'll be tagging along with Mark when he next goes, which might be as early as next week! Eek! or the week after, so stay tuned because I will be taking you along on insta stories, hehe!

+ + + + + +

You saw yesterday that I purchased this CC cream in my Tesco shop.

I used it this morning and my very first thoughts - I like it - actually no, I'm loving it! It is only day one of using the cream, so I don't want to get too giddy. I wanna try it out for a bit longer, see how I get on and then I will come back with further thoughts for you guys!!

I will say ttfn my lovelies, I'm off to make my Tomato & Egg Scrambler, total creature of habit!
And read some more of Khloé K's 'Strong looks better naked'!

Have a great day!

♥ Heather

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  1. Good riddance January :D I've never, yes never, tried a cc cream, I'll be interested to know your thoughts after you've been using for a while.

    1. I'll definitely be writing a post up on it soon! xx


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