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Pu-erh Tea - aka my magic tea

my spanish vida blog pu-erh tea

You know I talk about my Pu-erh tea, like, ALL of the time.

I love it.

It's magic.

I swear.

I first tried it about a year ago when the lovely guys from Dunedin Tea Co. sent me some tea to sample and write about - see the post here.

Pu-erh tea was one of them.

When my 'samples' ran out I ordered myself 500g of the Pu-erh tea, as I was hooked and was starting to see and feel the benefits.

+ + Pu-erh Tea originates from Southwestern China and is formed from the same plant as green, oolong and black tea. The only difference is that Pu-erh Tea is left longer to ferment. Which basically means it's left to do it's thing longer then other teas and is left in high humidity too. Apparently, the longer it's left the better it's taste. Also in China, Pu-erh tea is used as medicine. + + 

my spanish vida blog pu-erh tea

I had the smallest amount left the other day and was trying to eek it out. So when my parcel pitched up I was sooo relieved and happy!

I drink it literally everyday. It's become part of my daily routine.

I have my regular English breakfast tea first thing - 2 cups of Tetley, then I move on to my Pu-erh.

I'd recommend you start off slowly as the taste can be very strong.

I think I originally described Pu-erh Tea as 'earthy'. It certainly is that.

my spanish vida blog pu-erh tea

I have the Manatea infuser which I fill pretty much up to the brim and just keep topping up with hot water and drink away until it becomes weak. I usually get three or four cups from it!

But while you are getting used to it I'd recommend just a tiny amount, as like I said the taste can be strong and I don't want you to be put off. If you do find it strong try mixing it with a peppermint teabag to soften the taste or even better, mix some loose Spearmint in the infuser with the Pu-erh.

You WILL end up loving it and being slightly addicted to it like me.

But this is a good addiction.

Nothing wrong with loving a tea that has amazing health benefits.

my spanish vida blog pu-erh tea

I think everyone should drink it.

Drinking Pu-erh Tea has literally become part of my daily routine. Making myself a mug of Pu-erh is as natural as making myself a regular tea or coffee.

OK, so I think you get the jist that I like LOVE Pu-erh Tea, so why do you call it your magic tea I hear you ask!

my spanish vida blog pu-erh tea

+ + OK, the Magic - or the benefits + +

• Pu-erh Tea can reverse some of the effects of ageing •
• increases the metabolism, which can induce weight loss and speed up the fat burning process •
• fights cancer •
• protects kidneys •
• antioxidant •
• reduces stress •
• helps digest fatty foods •
• improves mental alertness & sharp thinking •
• used to lower cholesterol •

+ + Like most things these days there can be side effects. Basically I think because it's high in caffeine, just take it easy! If you're on any medication make sure you double check with your doctor first - you know, just to be on the safe side! + +

my spanish vida blog pu-erh tea

I only drink Pu-erh in the morning, then the afternoon I will go on to Peppermint tea and camomile before bed. Total relaxation mode.

But seriously, I put down my recent weight loss and my weight stabilising due to drinking Pu-erh Tea. 

my spanish vida blog pu-erh tea

I got in touch with the guys over at Dunedin Tea Co. and they've very kindly given me a 20% discount code exclusively to share with you guys!!

Just type DUNEDIN2017 in at the checkout!
(update - discount has expired now)

Enjoy your Pu-erh guys!

Let me know if you end up loving it as much as me!

p.s you will get used to the taste!



  1. Well this looks interesting! Iv never heard of it but think I need it in my life if it has the little Manatea! How cute is that. I currently drink the best of both tea from Tetly, 50% green tea, 50% normal. I do try to have the healthier options, so will have a look at this one x

    1. You should defo give it ago! The manatea is soo cute haha xx

  2. I like the concept of the flatlay. May I suggest that you tweak the brightness, contrast and shadow. It will give more focus and depth on the featured subjects. Natural light is also a great way to do that.

    I love how you have evolved with photo taking ever since I first followed you here in blogger. You are on the right track. Keep up the good job πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜Š

    1. Aww thanks Rich!! and thank you for the tips too!! The natural daylight is rubbish here at the mo - it was actually quite a sunny day, lol! Hopefully when I'm in Spain, where it will be bright and sunny mostly it help me develop my photography better!

      Thanks for reading lovely : )


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