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Moringa Oil - review

For a while now I've become increasingly interested in my skin and skincare products. I am now well into my thirties and becoming aware that my skin is changing . Something the 20 year old me never thought would happen. Maybe I thought I'd be blessed with clear skin for, forever. But dear Heather that is just not the case! Literally five years ago, since my 30th a random red blemish appeared on the end of my nose and has happily sat there since! Some days it would seem more prominent then others, but it was there to stay, so I thought. Recently, the week leading up to my 35th a friend of said blemish started to appear! A smaller lighter version. Flippin' hell I'm being invaded! Was this my future! The end of my nose filled with weird under the skin red blemishes?? I had already spied one random one on each side of my jawline!  Where ever next!? Enough. Enough is enough and action was needed. I'm not letting my future skin be plagued with these weird

BOBBI BROWN Gel Eyeliner Duo

I'm always having issues with eyeliner. I've tried the pencils, which I find is fine for under the lid, but I can never craft it along the top. Try the 'pen' type then. Nope. Serious wonky lines that seem to just get thicker and thicker trying to even them out! arghhhh! Think I've tried them all. All different shapes and sizes and I still can't get a straight even line and don't even get me started on 'winged'! side note + + total admiration for all you ladies out there who can get that perfect winged tip every time! + + I thought I would sadly from now on, go through life sans eyeliner, as I just can't bloody perfect it! Seriously, I've watched the YouTube tutorials, searched endless tips and tricks to literally no avail. Until. Until the other week flying back from Spain, on my birthday actually. I did my usual perusal of the inflight magazine, which I think I know from cover to cover now, lol! I spied

Nice for the night - part 2

After a little relax back in our room we headed out for a bite to eat. Too be honest we were still slightly full from our pizza earlier and starting to feel sleepy from the early start and lunch time beer! getting old *insert laughing emoji* I remember the days when a lunchtime beer was just the beginning, haha We headed back along the Promenade des Anglais and not too far along we stopped at the restaurant Les Jardins Du Capitole. Tempted by the set menu we sat down and were eager to get started! Mark started with the snails and I had the french onion soup.  Apparently the snails were really good! "I'll take your word for it babe!" The soup was delicious!! Totally scrummy with a very generous sized, cheese crust on the top. Stuffed after our starters, we still managed to demolish our main of  Sirloin steak and french fries. Finishing off with a very chocolaty chocolate mousse each, we literally couldn't move!  Two

Nice for the night - part 1

- post contains affiliate links, see my disclaimer/contact page for more info - ....................... A couple of weeks ago Mark had some business in Nice and naturally I tagged along! When I was a little girl we used to go to St Tropez in the South of France quite regularly. Sadly my only memories of these holiday's are what is jogged from looking at the family photo albums. As an adult, this is the first time I've visited Nice, on the Cote d'Azure. It was quite different to what I expected.  I thought I'd be bumping into supermodels, rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous and everyone would be running around in DVF dresses! Alas, No! Nice was just like any other European City. Nevertheless - once Mark had finished 'work' we headed off for a stroll along the Promenade des Anglais. Enriched with historic buildings, which oozed french romance, we strolled along hand in hand taking in our surroundings.