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BOBBI BROWN Gel Eyeliner Duo

I'm always having issues with eyeliner.

I've tried the pencils, which I find is fine for under the lid, but I can never craft it along the top.

Try the 'pen' type then. Nope. Serious wonky lines that seem to just get thicker and thicker trying to even them out! arghhhh!

Think I've tried them all. All different shapes and sizes and I still can't get a straight even line and don't even get me started on 'winged'!

side note + + total admiration for all you ladies out there who can get that perfect winged tip every time! + +

I thought I would sadly from now on, go through life sans eyeliner, as I just can't bloody perfect it!

Seriously, I've watched the YouTube tutorials, searched endless tips and tricks to literally no avail.


Until the other week flying back from Spain, on my birthday actually. I did my usual perusal of the inflight magazine, which I think I know from cover to cover now, lol!

I spied this Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner Duo.

Must admit I did get quite excited reading about them.

Applying with a brush, from a cute little pot.

Hmmm, I like this idea!

Birthday treat for moi!

Could this be my eyeliner saviour!?

The gel eyeliner duo sold onboard on Monarchwas £29.50, but there was an extra 10% off too, which I think they have this promotion quite often. I flinched slightly at the thought of spending this amount on two teeny tiny pots of goo, but I figured these were gonna be my last try in the bid for easy eyeliner application.

At £29.50 they've got to be good!

To be honest, I was actually very excited to be in possession of some fancy designer make up! I don't usually splurge that much on make-up normally, Benefit is probably my only splurgiest, lol.

I'm starting to learn though, that quality make-up is definitely worth it!

In the pack you get two tiny pots and a mini application brush.

One pot of 'Black Ink' which is the blackest of black and the other is 'Sepia" which is a dark brown.

Even though I had bought these nearly two weeks ago I have only just been able to try them out! itchy dry eye issue which I won't bore you with!

So, I tried the Black Ink first. As black is always my go to colour for eyeliner - only because I've never been adventurous to try any other colour! I know, quite tragic as I'm now 35!!

Feeling weirdly nervous lol, as I just didn't want to mess it up and I really, really wanted these to be my key to being able to apply eyeliner correctly! Just an even line would do, please!

And yes, my prayers were answered. The gel literally glided onto my lid from the brush and I found it so much easier to build up and get a straight line!!

The Black Ink is a dream!

Excited I had to then try the Sepia. I was intrigued at how a brown would look on my lid.

I then realised I only had one brush and had already used it with the Black Ink!

I casually wiped the brush clean.

+ + i hope I'm not making the beauty guru's cringe to much for me doing this! I know it's probably wrong and I should have a separate brush or swiftly of cleaned this one! Ah trial and error friends, trial and error ; ) + +

The Sepia sweeped across my lid as easily as the black. Total dream. I'm in complete awe of these ickle pots of gel eyeliner! The colours are perfect and I can't wait for the morning to re-do my make-up!

+ + + + + + +

I'm not quite at the wing tip stage just yet, but I'm feeling more hopeful, a lot more confident and I feel the future is bright for me and eyeliner!

Thank you so much Bobbi Brown for creating this fabulous Gel Eyeliner!!
no wonder it's award winning!

What's your favorite eyeliner to use? Do you have crazy issues with it like me?
Share your tips and stories below!!

♥ Heather

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  1. I'm the same as you and can only use gel liner in a pot with a brush! I adore this one and a new BareMinerals one. Great post xx

    1. Sorry only just replying!! I've only just seen this, must've slipped through the net lol! Ahhh thank you so much, I'm so chuffed I've finally found an eyeliner I can get on with! Ooo I'll have to have a look out for the BareMinerals one!

  2. I Love the look of these. Im a huge Bobbi Brown fan but not tried these. Another item on my wish list....

    1. I love how easy they are to use! Very impressed xx


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