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Moringa Oil - review

For a while now I've become increasingly interested in my skin and skincare products.

I am now well into my thirties and becoming aware that my skin is changing.

Something the 20 year old me never thought would happen.

Maybe I thought I'd be blessed with clear skin for, forever. But dear Heather that is just not the case!

Literally five years ago, since my 30th a random red blemish appeared on the end of my nose and has happily sat there since! Some days it would seem more prominent then others, but it was there to stay, so I thought.

Recently, the week leading up to my 35th a friend of said blemish started to appear! A smaller lighter version. Flippin' hell I'm being invaded! Was this my future! The end of my nose filled with weird under the skin red blemishes?? I had already spied one random one on each side of my jawline! Where ever next!?


Enough is enough and action was needed. I'm not letting my future skin be plagued with these weird splodges!

Ridiculously, I then went on to 'pick' the most longest standing member of my splodges! Please NEVER EVER do this! It made it ten times worse and then caused it to 'scab' up slightly! Great!

It wasn't even a spot, so I really do not know what I thought I was going to achieve my 'picking' my skin! FML!

During all this skin madness of mine I was asked to review some *Moringa Oil. I definitely think the universe was listening to me!

I'd never heard of this before and was really intrigued about it. While waiting for it to arrive I googled it a little and read how it is good for your skin including scarring, spots, wrinkles and blemishes!

After reading that you can imagine I was more eager then ever for it to arrive!

When my 100ml bottle popped through the door I was on it straight away.

Knowing that my first use for it was going to be for my face!

+ + Wrinkles and blemishes I'm going to banish you forever! Haha! + +

I've been using this oil for just under two weeks now and do you know what, my nose blemishes are starting to disappear, literally they are fading away! I really can't believe it. I 100% put it down to the oil, as I'm not doing or using anything different on my skin.

At first I was a bit unsure at how you are supposed to use Moringa Oil. But I don't think there are any real rules. It has soo many uses it's crazy!

The way I've been using it is - At night after I've taken all my make-up off, I pump a little bit onto a cotton wool pad and wipe over my face like a cleanser.

It is great as it also works as make-up remover! 

I then apply extra with my finger to my more troublesome areas! i.e the blemishes of course and I also apply some to under my eyes, as I am hating my eye wrinkles! and it is good for wrinkles too!

Seriously, I have so much skin activity going on at the moment, I really don't like it!

I also apply some on my forehead, as I've always had major forehead lines.

In the morning - I use it like a cleanser, then apply my moisturiser as normal. Throughout the day though I have been dabbing some Moringa Oil onto my blemishes too.

I can 100% say not only is it making my blemishes disappear, but my wrinkles are starting to ease off too!

My make-up seems to be applying so much easier and my skin is looking a lot 'fresher'! Oh and my droopy eyelids are looking a tad more plump! I only thought about applying some to my eyelids the other day!

Moringa Oil is also apparently good for stretch marks.

Which again I thought was quite interesting. I have quite a few stretch marks at the top of my legs. On the inside there are a few fairly 'deep' ones, which are hideous! I hate them.

So the other night I thought I'd rub some Moringa Oil on them, just to see what happens. Do you know what, they have really faded down and that was from just one application!
+ + + + + + + +

I wanted to get my review done as soon as possible, as I have a discount code for you guys that expires at the end of March. I really thought I'd have to do a 'follow up' post, as I was really skeptical at how I would be able to review the Moringa Oil honestly, after only using it for, not even two weeks.

I am seriously sooo impressed and recommend Moringa Oil 110%!

At first when I saw the retail price I thought that could be a little high, but do you know what, after seeing the results of my skin in such a short space of time, I would pay double for it!

If you want to try Moringa Oil for yourself (which I really really think you'd be impressed like me!) head over to the website here and you will also see a list full of it's amazing benefits!! Use the code MOR10 for 10% discount.

I'm off to order a couple of bottles!

♥ Heather


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