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Nice for the night - part 1

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A couple of weeks ago Mark had some business in Nice and naturally I tagged along!

When I was a little girl we used to go to St Tropez in the South of France quite regularly. Sadly my only memories of these holiday's are what is jogged from looking at the family photo albums.

As an adult, this is the first time I've visited Nice, on the Cote d'Azure.

It was quite different to what I expected. 

I thought I'd be bumping into supermodels, rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous and everyone would be running around in DVF dresses!

Alas, No! Nice was just like any other European City.

Nevertheless - once Mark had finished 'work' we headed off for a stroll along the Promenade des Anglais. Enriched with historic buildings, which oozed french romance, we strolled along hand in hand taking in our surroundings.

We walked from our hotel the AC Marriott which was one block back of the Promenade des Anglais, down towards the Hard Rock. I have a thing for their Hurricane glasses and I have to pick one up, if we're ever nearby to one of the restaurants! Usually participating in a cheeky cocktail too!

Unfortunately, the Hard Rock in Nice was very uninspiring. It was a real disappointment compared to other ones I've been lucky enough to visit.

We bought my glass to go with the collection, but passed on stopping for a drink or a bite to eat, as we thought it would be a 'waste'.

Happy though with my purchase we started to stroll back and stopped at a french café for a large beer and pizza!

A brilliant spot to watch the world go by!

(a little shocked at the price of two large beers! €19! gulp!)

Once our bellies were full and properly refreshed we crossed the road to take a look at the beach.

We were both very surprised to see a shingle beach! I don't know why, but both Mark and I assumed Nice would have a sandy beach!

Shingle or sand, it was a still stunning view!

Blue chairs were scattered all the way along. Of course we had to stop for the obligtory 'blogger' poses!

Deep in thought?

My scarf is from Zara which I'm obsessed with! 
Who doesn't love an over-sized scarf!

I couldn't resist papping the cactus from the front of our hotel!

Then all the way to the top to have a look at what we could see from the roof...

A little rest while waiting for the lifts!...

Bag Desigual || Pom Pom Primark

Then off for a chill out in the room before we head out for dinner....

To be continued....

♥ Heather

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  1. Fabulous photos and Nice looks amazing, but 19 euros for 2 beers?!!!!! ouch! As least you got to experience it.

    1. Aww thank you hun! Was lovely, even with the expensive beer! We made sure we enjoyed every sip! haha xx

  2. I was merrily reading along, mentally adding Nice to my "city breaks" wish list, admiring your photos. Then i saw the 19 euros for two beers. Gulp! No getting merry in Nice then lol
    It looks like a great place to wander around, if I go, I will just take a hip flask haha

    1. Haha hip flask sounds a good idea lol! Yeah we were a bit shocked! But it was still a lovely experience and I'm lucky I can now tick it off the list lol!


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