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Chillaxing with my LOLL!

Hiya Guys! Wow. It's been a while! Life has still been a tad busy as I've been flying back and forth with Mark to the UK and still sorting things out here in Spain. Where does the time go, seriously!? But, life is starting to get back to normal and settle down and no more flights to the UK for me at the moment. Last weekend though. Easter weekend - hope everyone had a good one! We've seemed to of been celebrating Easter since Christmas! I swear we've demolished a 12 pack of creme eggs each week since! Hahaha! My Pu-erh Tea  has definitely helped keep the calories at bay! So when the 'official' Easter weekend came round we were pretty much chocolate egged out! But Mark had a couple of days of annual leave tagged onto the end of the long weekend and it really was the first time in a while, we have actually stopped and relaxed. As you know we've recently had our pool built and it really is like having a new toy