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Chillaxing with my LOLL!

Hiya Guys!

Wow. It's been a while!

Life has still been a tad busy as I've been flying back and forth with Mark to the UK and still sorting things out here in Spain.

Where does the time go, seriously!?

But, life is starting to get back to normal and settle down and no more flights to the UK for me at the moment.

Last weekend though. Easter weekend - hope everyone had a good one!

We've seemed to of been celebrating Easter since Christmas! I swear we've demolished a 12 pack of creme eggs each week since! Hahaha! My Pu-erh Tea has definitely helped keep the calories at bay!

So when the 'official' Easter weekend came round we were pretty much chocolate egged out!

But Mark had a couple of days of annual leave tagged onto the end of the long weekend and it really was the first time in a while, we have actually stopped and relaxed.

As you know we've recently had our pool built and it really is like having a new toy to play with!

Here in Spain the weekend was glorious and even though the water temperature was still on the chilly side we had to go in!

I must admit Mark was much braver then me, haha.

But after being a 'girl' and dipping my toes in and slowly taking myself into the water, I just went for it!


Haha - it didn't take long to get used to the water and it was lush!

*A little while ago I was sent this fab LOLL towel all the way from Australia to review!

This weekend it really came in handy and I was able to give it a good 'tryout'!

My LOLL became a permanent fixture while we were outside and definitely will be with me throughout the summer!

So what is a LOLL?

A LOLL is basically an over-sized toweled poncho.

Around the chest area there is a secret waterproof inside pocket, which is so handy if you're off to the beach and you can safely hide away your keys and money!

There's two zips, one up each side so you can lay it out flat to use as a towel.

It's also designed with large arm holes, so you can change underneath if you like - very handy if you're on a beach or a public pool and need to whip of your wet swimwear without showing your wears to the world!

I loved popping my LOLL on when I got out of the pool.

Because the water was chilly and with the slight nip in the air, this was perfect to put on and take the chill off!

There's a handy hood too, so you can get really nice and cozy!

When Mark and I go to the beach here in the summer we try to go early in the morning to avoid the rush. The beaches do tend to get rather packed and we don't find it that relaxing, haha! But we do love a splish splosh in the sea, so we make sure we go at times that work for us.

My LOLL will be awesome for this. As I can pop it on and wear to the beach, have it as a towel while we're there and be able to hide our keys and money safely away in the secret pocket!

Also, the LOLL has another handy feature. Which is one of my favourites! It is conveniently longer at the back. So when you stop off for a coffee or a cheeky vino your legs won't rub on the seat!

Seriously, everything has been thought of!

I chose the black as I had my 'sensible' head on and thought that it would be an easy colour to wear (and one hubby could use too!) I thought black would be a good colour for the sandy beach as well.

You should check out the fabulous colours - I love the orange and the green ocean waves one too!

If you're going away on your holidays or live in a sunny beachy environment, having a LOLL is a life essential if you ask me!

Also the lovely Lara, the founder of LOLL - Lot's Of Love Lara - has kindly given us a 10% discount which is valid to the 21st May 2017.

Just use SUNCREAM10 at the checkout! 

See all the fab LOLL's at!

Tag us both on insta to show them off! 

♥ Heather


  1. I love this, what a great idea and even better that it's mutli use, especially being able to use it as changing robe!

  2. What a fabulous idea! That is right up my street. Im with you, I love that the back is longer, those beach bar seats can get uncomfortable and I dont like anything distracting me from my sunshine drinks haha. Its a great item, thanks for the informative review

    1. Thanks Kerry! It's such a fab design! I know I hate it when you get those red marks on your legs haha! xx


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