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Getting home to Spain & also trying out the Royal Coffee Scrub Chocolate Orange

Hola! Coming to you from sunny Spain!

Even though I know you guys are being blessed with awesome weather in the UK at the mo! Doesn't it make you feel so much more motivated and positive! I know it does me. I'm so pleased we finally took the plunge, made our life decision and actually live full time in our Spanish home!

So the last few weeks we have been packing, sending our final belongings off in the removals lorry and we set off in my little car, with the fur-babies in tow, to our 'home'.

I won't bore you with our loooong drive from the UK to Spain (let me know though if you would like a more dedicated post about the drive down, going through the tunnel, travelling with cats etc). We've done it a few times now and it never get's easier! But we pushed ourselves and we made it. When we arrived we were so pleased to see our bed it was unreal!

Also, as you probably know from my social media we've been having some work done on our house. The inside was 'new' when we bought it anyway, 3 years ago! But the outside was a blank canvas. We built our own crazy paving patio a couple of years ago, but most recently we had our pool put in! After seven long months it's all pretty much finished, just a few tweaks needed, but we're there and it really is, OMG, now RELAX!

Our final bit's arrived from the UK about a week after our arrival, which has really completed our home! I have literally been sorting and cleaning and tidying! Not that it was messy messy, but only ever going for a night or two each week, it's never enough time to really get the house how you 'want'.

Our plants needed some attention, as they had gone on a crazy growth spurt! They sadly suffered quite a lot with the building work going on. But some TLC from us, they will be back to normal in no time!

So with all this travelling, cleaning and gardening my poor skin and me was in need of some TLC aswell!

*Naturelle Cosmetics very kindly sent me this Royal Coffee Scrub Chocolate Orange to try out a little while ago. I feel so bad I've only just got around to giving it a whirl!

So the other night, I thought was the perfect opportunity to give my skin a treat. I must admit I was a little confused as the scrub is in a paper packet. I couldn't take it in the shower with me as it would get wet and make a real mess, lol! I decantered some in a pot and lathered it into my skin.

The smell is a very strong coffee smell, but no hint of the chocolate orange. Which I was a little disappointed about, as I found the coffee smell quite overbearing to be honest. Now, I do love a nice café con leche, but I'm not sure about it on my skin!

The scrub did leave my skin feeling nice and soft though. Further reading about the product on their website, the ingredients are amazing and have so many great benefits for you! Read about them here!

For me though, the smell was too powerful and it was all too much like hard work not being able to take the packet into the shower with me.

I think my skin did appreciate a nice scrub though, after the toll it's taken over the past month!

♥ Heather

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  1. What a shame your scrub was more coffee than chocolate orange. I love chocolate orange! Your pool looks amazing. This time last week I was swimming in my brother's pool in Spain. I would really like to hear about your journey travelling over there. xx

    ♥ Carly Susanne ~ A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    1. Ahh thank you hun! I know, such a shame it wasn't more chocolaty... Oh whereabouts is your brother? We braved a dip today! Will definitely work on a post about our journey down! Thanks for stopping by xx


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