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New year, Old blog

Happy New Year everyone and welcome back to Suncream and Sparkles.

I'm sure you're all wondering what's going on, what's happened to My Spanish Vida blog.

I'll try to keep it brief.

The middle of last year I simply fancied a change of direction and started up a brand new blog My Spanish Vida.

I have loved blogging over on My Spanish Vida, but I figured it was pretty much the same blog as Suncream and Sparkles and I did start to miss blogging on Suncream and Sparkles. The grass isn't always greener!

(be sure to catch up with the posts from My Spanish Vida though!)

So, I'm back.

And I like it. 

I'm really happy to be back. Sounds funny doesn't it, but this is where I'm happiest and I hope this will shine through my posts.

On Suncream and Sparkles you will find posts about fashion, beauty, travel and more.

I'm now based in Spain on the Sunny Costa Blanca and am literally living my best life and you can too. Just keep applying the Suncream and Sparkle in everything you do.

Heather ♥


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