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Morning Oats

If you're anything like me I'm always looking for the next healthy/weight-loss secret!  Something that I can easily incorporate into my lifestyle without it feeling like a diet or a chore. I've done 'diets' in the past, but now I'm more into the whole lifestyle change - I'm in it for the long run! A couple of things that I've been eating/drinking on a regular basis for easily the last six months, that I think has been the result of me being able to keep the lbs at bay and actually feel so much healthier. Just a simple change in my morning habits.  I'm talking breakfast here guys. So easy and simple. Something I've taken from the Dukan diet that I have done in the past.  That was to have oats for breakfast. With skimmed milk. Oats are a slow releasing carb, so they gradually fill you up which ultimately stops those mid-morning cravings. I have two generous spoonful's of oats in a bowl and mix with s

40 Things Before I'm 40

Happy Birthday to me! So I am 36 today and for the last couple of weeks I have been thinking that I really wanna 'step' things up in life and really start ticking things off that fictitious bucket list. We are all guilty of saying, I want to do this I want to do that, one day, someday. Well make that TODAY! There really are so many things I want to see and do and there is such a big wide world out there it would be a shame to miss out on so much. So these thoughts are what have brought me to this post. I wanted to do a kinda bucket list, but a really realistic one and one with no pressure, but not a 'someday' deadline to it. 4 years to do 40 things should be achievable! Average 10 a year - totally doable. Turning 36 I thought was the perfect time to start and give myself 4 whole years to do 40 of those things I'm always talking and dreaming about. There are quite a few holidays/places on my list along with some really simple things that

Rowenta Hair Straighteners

I'm a huge fan of ghd's, I really am. I'm on my second pair in total and they have literally lasted for ages, but my current ones are slowly on the way out. I was chatting to my hairdresser the other day about Hair Straighteners, as I noticed she was using TRESemm√© ones on my hair and not the usual  ghd go to choice. She explained to me that, that as long as they are ceramic plated and heat up to 220*c you should be able to achieve the same results as the ever so popular ghd's.  This was music to my ears. Now, I would't usually shy away from splurging out on ghd's because I do love them and think they're amazing and totally worth the money, but at the mo I just can't justify the £100+ price tag.  The other day Mark and I were in  Media Markt having a browse and I found myself down the Hair Straightener aisle. Having a peruse I came across some Rowenta straighteners for only €26 (since writing this post they're showing as €

DIY painting tips

Hiya Guys! I've really got my decorating head on lately and have been a busy bee in the house.  Which probably explains why I've been a little bit absent from the blog recently. Our walls are all painted magnolia throughout, which we used to like. Our house in England was all Magnolia, but lately here in Spain we're not loving the whole Magnolia feel. I think Magnolia works great in the UK. It's a lovely warm colour, but still very neutral. Here in Spain though it just doesn't seem to work as well. White on the other hand. White looks amazing. I think because we have more sunny days and it does get super hot here in the summer that the white walls are not only pretty, but practical too. So we have taken the decision to paint the whole house white! Towards the end of last year I decorated our bedroom. Or should I say finally finished our bedroom. I did originally start it in the summer, but it was so hot it was very unpleasant haha