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40 Things Before I'm 40

Happy Birthday to me!

So I am 36 today and for the last couple of weeks I have been thinking that I really wanna 'step' things up in life and really start ticking things off that fictitious bucket list.

We are all guilty of saying, I want to do this I want to do that, one day, someday. Well make that TODAY!

There really are so many things I want to see and do and there is such a big wide world out there it would be a shame to miss out on so much.

So these thoughts are what have brought me to this post.

I wanted to do a kinda bucket list, but a really realistic one and one with no pressure, but not a 'someday' deadline to it. 4 years to do 40 things should be achievable! Average 10 a year - totally doable.

Turning 36 I thought was the perfect time to start and give myself 4 whole years to do 40 of those things I'm always talking and dreaming about. There are quite a few holidays/places on my list along with some really simple things that can easily be ticked in no time!

So here it is

40 things before I'm 40....

(in no particular order)

1. Visit Ibiza - post here
2. Visit Santorini
3. Put a padlock on the Padlock bridge in Paris
4. Have a spa day
5. Go for Churros
6. Visit the ruins in Cartagena
7. Visit Rome
8. Go on a boat trip
9. Vegas!
10. Visit Palma
11. Visit Barcelona and be a tourist for the day
12. Go to Disney
13. Reach 5K on Instagram (you can help with this one hehe → follow me on insta)
14. Find an exercise I enjoy & stick to it regularly
15. Have a picnic on a spring evening in a park or on the beach
16. Visit Alhambra Palace
17. Visit Almeria
18. Visit the Amalfi Coast Capri/Positano
19. Go on an open top bus
20. Visit Gibralter
21. Make my scrapbook of our time in KL
22. Play mini golf
23. Visit my Sister in Melbourne
24. Visit Granada
25. Visit Marbella
26. Go to bgo & me in Marbella or Madrid
27. Visit Madrid
28. Visit Cadiz
29. Paddle board
30. Go out on a pedalo
31. Visit Lisbon
32. Stay at the W hotel in Barcelona
33. Visit La Manga
34. Stay the night in a Castle
35. Visit Empuriabrava 
36. Walk along The Kings Road in London (yep I'm a Made in Chelsea fan!)
37. Tone my arms (and tummy!)
38. Go to a festival
39. Go back to a German Christmas market
40. Stay at the Asia Gardens Hotel near Alicante 

Totally doable, right?

Heather ♥


  1. I'm actually quite excited to see your scrapbook!

    1. Thank you Syakirah! I wrote about putting my scrapbook together over on my other blog

      Once I do it I will share on Suncream and Sparkles - stay tuned : )


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