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Rowenta Hair Straighteners

I'm a huge fan of ghd's, I really am. I'm on my second pair in total and they have literally lasted for ages, but my current ones are slowly on the way out.

I was chatting to my hairdresser the other day about Hair Straighteners, as I noticed she was using TRESemm√© ones on my hair and not the usual ghd go to choice.

She explained to me that, that as long as they are ceramic plated and heat up to 220*c you should be able to achieve the same results as the ever so popular ghd's. 

This was music to my ears.

Now, I would't usually shy away from splurging out on ghd's because I do love them and think they're amazing and totally worth the money, but at the mo I just can't justify the £100+ price tag. 

The other day Mark and I were in Media Markt having a browse and I found myself down the Hair Straightener aisle. Having a peruse I came across some Rowenta straighteners for only €26 (since writing this post they're showing as €24.43 on the website!). 

To good to be true? 

They heat up to 230*c with adjustable temperature control (which was another point my hairdresser made, was that you don't always need to use such extreme heat on your hair). The ceramic plates also have a Keratin coating for smooth shiny hair. I thought for €26 it's worth giving them a go.

In the past when I've strayed away from ghd's, the cheaper straighteners have never been that great. but I think over the past few years technology has changed and other brands are really stepping up their game.

I've used my new Rowenta's a few times now and am genuinely really impressed. They straighten my hair just as good as my ghd's and are so easy to use, a lovely size and basically 'do the job'.

What else is there to say.

I'm really chuffed I took the risk with these Rowenta Straighteners and they 
will definitely be repurchased in the future.

Do you use hair straighteners? What's your straightener of choice?

Heather ♥


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