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Favourite beauty buys at the mo

I love beauty and make-up and all the girly lotions and potions, but to be 100% honest I don't buy an awful lot.

Honestly I don't.

These days I literally buy 'what I need' boring I know.

I tend to just swoon over everyone else's insta pics and blog posts of all the delicious beauty products they're treating themselves too.

When I was Cabin Crew and would have trips to Sanford in Florida I of course spent lot's of $$$ in Bath and Body Works, Sephora, CVS, Walgreens and more, It had to be done! I'm not saying this won't be me in October when we're in Fort Lauderdale - maybe I just have no self control in the States lol.

When not in the States I'm very restrained haha.

Seriously, I very rarely indulge for the sake of it anymore. I have recently bought a few bit's over the last couple of months though, but I did NEED them, honest.

Benefit - They're Real Mascara

I have actually purchased two different mascara's before I bounced back to They're Real. 

For years now I've used They're Real and I fancied a change and felt like I should give some other one's ago as there are literally millions of mascaras out there. 

I picked up Kiko Longeyes+ Active Mascara back in November and had high hopes. To be honest I really wasn't that impressed. It was OK, but just OK and it didn't really give me any wow at all. 

I kept trying it everyday in the hope it would miraculously give me that wow factor, but I just couldn't get on with it. I was then in the predicament that I needed a masacara. As my Kiko one and I just did not get on. 

I bought Rimmel 'Scandaleyes Reloaded' from the supermarket as a 'get me by' and I love it so much more than the Kiko. 

Just after Christmas we were flying back to Spain after a couple of night's in the UK and on the Easyjet flight on the way home they had a special offer of 20% off beauty and perfume. Well you can imagine, I pulled that in-flight sales magazine straight out of the seat pocket. I had to treat myself. Well it was Christmas time. I of course bought myself the Benefit They're Real and I'm so pleased I did. I just can't fault this mascara. It really is the best.

Lush - Sleepy Body Lotion

Now this was a little bit of an indulgence I must admit.

I had been seeing it everywhere, all over social media and on blogs. 

I do have trouble sleeping at times and after reading some fab reviews, I had to give this magic cream a go myself. 

I went for a small pot, as I bought it in when I was in the UK and had only hand luggage for my flight, so I had to make sure it was under 100ml. 

Very excited to try this out. The sleep cream does have a lovely scent to it which is very bedtime and I was so impressed with it's moisturizing effect, which I really like how it left my legs feeling so soft and smooth. This has made me want to try out some of their regular moisturisers. 

But, the sleep factor, dare I say it?! I just don't know. Ahh, I'm crouching behind my laptop as I write this, as I'm going against so many awesome reviews. I just don't think it helped me sleep or go to sleep better than usual. I know I am probably the only one, but my jury's still out on that one, don't hate me, sorry.

But as an evening moisturiser after a nice shower or bath it is perfect for this and it does smell, well, lush!

I would definitely re-buy this though as it is lovely smelling and makes my skin feel so soft and smooth.

Kiko - Shade Fusion Trio Blush 02

I bought this the same time as the Kiko mascara. 

I am really really chuffed with this one. 

I even treated myself to a new blusher brush from Kiko which is just gorgeous. I've never really spent much money on make-up brushes before, but buying a decent one for a change I can really tell the difference. From now on I'm going to actively start to upgrade all my brushes. 

The blush itself is a lovely subtle colour which you can keep light for the day and then apply a bit more heavily for the evening.

I love it.

Primark - Brunch Club Highlighter

OK maybe this one was a bit of a treat too, but I like to call it a bit more of a test.

I absolutely love how highlighters look and for ages now I have admired so many beauty bloggers and celebrities for their beautifully glistened cheeks. But I really wouldn't know which one to go for.

I spotted this one in Primark not so long ago and only being €3.50 I thought if it looks naff and I find highlighters aren't for me, well I haven't wasted much money at all. 

But I love it! This one is really nice and for €3.50 I cannot complain. I do find it doesn't last that long though and I do have to be quite liberal to get the desired effect. So I am on the lookout for a slightly more expensive one that stays put for all of the day lol. 

Recs please!

Soap & Glory Speed Plump All-Day Super Moisture Marvel

Cor that's a mouth full!

I first got this moisturizer not the Christmas just gone the one before in the big star gift selection they do.

I absolutely love it.

It's one of the rare items that I have actually re-bought over and over again from the big beauty selection sets. 

I feel it really moisturizers my skin and has made a difference in it's appearance.

Even hubby commented on how my skin was looking.

I put it down to this little tube of magic.

It really is a Super Moisture Marvel.

* * * * * * 

What are your favourite beauty buys at the mo?

Heather ♥


  1. Ohh you bought some great bits! Its such a shame a product dosent work out for you isnt it, especially when you have high hopes! I really like the Kiko blushers too, and like you, Im desperate to try the Sleepy body lotion. Thanks for sharing x

    1. Thanks Kerry! Oh I know, I think that's why I hesitate so much when buying new products as I really want to 'get it right' xx

  2. Oooh I haven't seen these style of highlighters in Primark before! That colour looks gorgeous!
    Helpless Whilst Drying

  3. Hi Rachael, yeah it's really pretty and I was fairly impressed considering the price!xx


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