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Adagio Teas

~ Review post - I was gifted Adagio tea in exchange for an honest review - this post also contains affiliate links ~ You know I love tea. It's probably quite safe to describe me as a bit of a tea monster. I LOVE tea! Now not just your regular breakfast tea aka Tetley and PG Tips, I'm really into herbal teas too. If you've followed my blog for a while I'm sure you would of picked up on this. As I have written about it a couple of times previous. So when the lovely people over at  Adagio Teas asked if I wanted to try some of their tea, of course I said YES! To my utter delight and surprise the biggest box turned up at my P.O Box and when I opened it I was gobsmacked. The biggest amount of tea you could imagine. It was incredible. Not only had  Adagio Teas sent me the greatest assortment of black and green teas , but also a glass mug and a ingenuiTEA teapot. Absolutely incredible I felt, and still feel so spoilt by them. So first o

Sun's out and wearing my aviator sunglasses from

~ I was sent these sunglasses in exchange for an honest review on my blog ~ This year so far the weather seems to have been extremely unseasonable everywhere! The summer here in Spain is taking it's time to get going, so at the moment whenever there's a glimpse of warm sunshine we're getting ourselves outside and trying to work on that tan and to soak up some much needed vitamin D. A little while ago the lovely people over at asked if I wanted to review some more of their sunglasses. The ones I've tried before I really liked, so I was eager to browse through the blogger selection to see what I could choose. This time I went for an Aviator style. I haven't worn Aviators for ages now! I loved them at one point and then I moved on to the big bug style ones - you know the ones! Which incidentally I do still love, but I really fancied trying the Aviator sunglasses again. Even though it hasn't been blazing sunshine in

Back up and protect (your phone!)

Back in February whilst I was minding my own business and getting on with my household chores merrily mopping the bathroom floor I all of a sudden heard a big 'plop'. Stopped in my tracks and confused for a few seconds trying to engage my brain to the sound and what caused the sudden plopping sound I suddenly realised my phone dropped out of my jumpers front pocket and straight into the mop bucket! Noooooooo! I instantly reached into the boiling hot alpine fresh scented water to retrieve my phone. O.M.G! I can't believe what's just happened. I pulled it out and set it out to dry and hopefully come back to life. That weekend Mark took me shopping for a new phone. Which incidentally I do love my new phone, but my old one still hasn't come back to life and like us all I had 23561245 pictures, videos, blog ideas in the notes and just what feels like my whole life on there. For weeks leading up to the mop bucket x phone disaster, my