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Adagio Teas

You know I love tea.

It's probably quite safe to describe me as a bit of a tea monster.

I LOVE tea!

Now not just your regular breakfast tea aka Tetley and PG Tips, I'm really into herbal teas too.

If you've followed my blog for a while I'm sure you would of picked up on this. As I have written about it a couple of times previous.

So when the lovely people over at Adagio Teas asked if I wanted to try some of their tea, of course I said YES!

To my utter delight and surprise the biggest box turned up at my P.O Box and when I opened it I was gobsmacked.

The biggest amount of tea you could imagine. It was incredible. Not only had Adagio Teas sent me the greatest assortment of black and green teas, but also a glass mug and a ingenuiTEA teapot. Absolutely incredible I felt, and still feel so spoilt by them.

So first of all I scrambled through all the packages of different teas inside. All with amazing names which I have never heard of before, golden monkey, earl grey moonlight, pu-erh poedarjeeling sungma summer, mango green, jasmine chun hao and the list goes on. There was me thinking I was quite clued up on all things tea - how wrong was I. 

But what I do know is, tea is good for you and green tea is super good for you. Green tea has so many benefits that includes weight loss, helps protect heart health, helps protect brain cells (which I certainly need help with in that department, as I probably zapped many in my Cabin Crew days drinking down route!) promotes bone health and protects eye disease and helps vision.

OK, so amongst all the loose tea there was one pack of Pu-erh Tea-bags.

So these were my first try. No real reason I was just being pure lazy and teabags seemed the easiest option.

I poured my boiling hot water onto my very fancy pyramid pu-erh hazelberry teabag.

I left it to steep. (a new word I've learnt - Steep means to soak. We soak our tea. I feel very fancy now, haha.)

I wasn't sure if I was going to like it to be honest, as the list of ingredients I wouldn't of normally of chosen for myself. This teabag is described as - pu erh with rich hazelnut and playful strawberry with a hint of cream.

But, it was surprisingly nice. It was quite a subtle flavour and tasty, but I could only have one cup at a time. For me this wasn't a drink all day cup after cup tea. 

All my other samples are loose-leaf tea, so that's where the ingenuiTEA teapot came into play.

OK, now, I will be honest with you guys, but I was really confused with how this worked. I hope it's not only me, but I was really baffled about what this little teapot did and where you're supposed to put the leaves!

I was twisting things off the bottom as I thought the leaves went in the little thing in the centre of the pot - I was trying to pour leaves through this teeny tiny hole in the bottom. Literally scratching my head at how this teapot worked. You see, this is what I'm here for, to be a little guinea pig and try these things out so I can report back to you. Which ultimately makes your life easier! 

In the end I had to contact my best friend. My best Internet friend. Google. Google is the best, lol! 

It turns out you don't have to pull or twist anything, you simply pop the leaves in the top and add your hot water. OK, I feel truly silly now. You then let it steep. Then, then my favourite part which I could literally do all day (and if you follow me on insta stories you may of seen the boomerang I posted!) You then put the ingenuiTEA teapot on top of your glass mug (always been a fan of herbal teas in a glass mug, has to be glass!) then like magic the tea pours out of the bottom and into the mug. Magic, pure magic. There probably is some science to it as there's some sort of suction, but I prefer to see it as magic! Magic pouring tea, the best 

OK, so since my new found toy teapot I have started trying the loose tea. So far I have tried, vanilla green, cocomint green and sleeping dragon green tea.

I absolutely loved both the vanilla green and cocomint green as they were so subtle and so easily drinkable cup after cup. Unfortunately, I wasn't too keen on the sleeping dragon green tea which I found far too strong with a bit of an after taste. That really surprised me, as I love just regular pu-erh, which is normally an acquired taste.

So far though, overall, I'm really enjoying the teas from Adagio and I love all the fun names they have. I'm looking forward to keep trying all the different flavours I've been sent. I will be trying them all regularly and will be posting on my insta stories, so make sure you follow me here to see what my next flavour is gonna be!

Sometimes teas can be a bit boring so I love it when they're made fun and interesting. 
I really am loving discovering all these new flavours!

Thank you so much Adagio Teas!

Are you a fan of tea? Herbal teas? What's your favourite blend?

Heather ♥


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