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Back up and protect (your phone!)

Back in February whilst I was minding my own business and getting on with my household chores merrily mopping the bathroom floor I all of a sudden heard a big 'plop'.

Stopped in my tracks and confused for a few seconds trying to engage my brain to the sound and what caused the sudden plopping sound I suddenly realised my phone dropped out of my jumpers front pocket and straight into the mop bucket!


I instantly reached into the boiling hot alpine fresh scented water to retrieve my phone.

O.M.G! I can't believe what's just happened.

I pulled it out and set it out to dry and hopefully come back to life.

That weekend Mark took me shopping for a new phone.

Which incidentally I do love my new phone, but my old one still hasn't come back to life and like us all I had 23561245 pictures, videos, blog ideas in the notes and just what feels like my whole life on there.

For weeks leading up to the mop bucket x phone disaster, my phone kept telling me the storage was almost full. I thought to myself many times that I need to transfer my photos onto the laptop then onto disc or memory stick. Instead I would just keep deleting the odd picture to release some space. 

I'm literally kicking myself that I didn't take action straight away, as I've lost so many pictures and memories of our baby Rocco, I'm absolutely gutted. 

It's taught me a lesson though. 

1. Not to keep your phone in any pockets near water of any sorts, but 2. and most importantly to BACK UP anything that's slightly important or you will miss if it's lost.

From now on, once a month, I'm going to set aside an hour, two hours a few hours, however long it takes and transfer pictures and notes off my phone onto the laptop and then onto discs. 

That way my phone won't get clogged up and use up all my storage and most importantly if I have an incident again all won't be lost.

Then if that wasn't enough the other day we were up on the roof terrace and I placed my phone on my sunbed for just a moment when a sudden gust of wind blew my towel on the floor taking my 2 month old phone with it. The screen cracked badly in all four corners. I couldn't believe.

Turns out to replace the screen costs not far off a brand new phone, which I can't justify another new phone so soon. So as a temporary fix I've bought a screen protector to stick on the front, which I'm hoping will hold the cracks in place. Also the top and bottom are black which covers most of the cracks. This protector I should of bought in the first place! 

I did treat my phone to a lovely pink and silver sparkly cover today too. Again something I should of bought straight away. But better late then never!

So lesson learnt! Back up the content on your phone and protect them too, especially if you're as clumsy as I am!

Has this kind of thing happened to you before? Do you try to back up the content from your phone regularly? Protect your screen? Share your stories and tips in the comments.

Heather ♥

p.s I like to use Kaspersky for my internet protection too!


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