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Getting through the day after a rubbish sleep

Rubbish sleeps, we all seem to be having them.

I keep seeing people on insta stories and twitter that they too are having rubbish nights sleeps, all the time.

Literally getting four or five hours a night, for whatever reason - we are all real and have busy lives in our own right. I myself am part of the pack that far too often has a rubbish nights sleep.

Even though there are so many helpful and beautifully written tips and tricks out there about getting a good nights sleep, it just doesn't seem to be working.

In an ideal world we would all get up and go to bed at the same time every day & night, have fantastic aromatherapy filled baths, no social media and no caffeine after certain times of the day.

Erm, yeah, not happening! 

So in today's post I thought I'd share some ideas about getting ourselves through the day after a rubbish nights sleep. 

Sadly I don't think there's a life altering magic ingredient or some revolutionary idea for a blissful nights sleep. I think it's just as simple as 'getting on with it'. 

So you've had that rubbish sleep. Been tossing and turning all night, clock watching, being too hot then too cold and your mind racing a zillion times a second.

And then the alarm goes off... ugh... 

** Don't mope around! You have things to do, have to do - try and be as positive as you can through those tired eyes.

** Have a shower. Even if you had a bath/shower the night before still jump in for a quick shower - it really does wake you up.

** Dress for the day. It's too easy to feel so tired that you can't be bothered to think about anything other then comfy bottoms and a t-shirt. Make an effort with your clothes and put some make-up on too - even if it's just a bit of bronzer and a slick of mascara - you will feel better about yourself.

** Eat healthily. Again when feeling tired it's so easy to grab the junk, the chocolate, the crisps - things that you think will give you that instant sugar rush. But it will wear off quickly and start making you feel even more sluggish along the way. Have your healthy cereals for breakfast - porridge is my go-to did you see my post here. Also have fruit in your handbag if you're on the go. Keep your dinner light in the evening and earlier then normal, as you'll probably will be wanting an early night!

** Don't overdo it. Prioritise your errands/chores/jobs for the day. Have the most important ones or even the ones you're dreading at the top of your list. Get them out of the way first then you can relax as the day goes on. 

** Try not to keep thinking about how tired you are. You will just start feeling sorry for yourself and then you will fall into a downward spiral and nothing will get done.

** Drink lot's of water. Water keeps you fresh and hydrated. Have your normal amount of tea (green tea if you can!) and coffee, but don't overdo it because again that will just have the wrong effect. You're trying to keep motivated not make yourself a caffeine intoxicated jittery mess. Plus it all becomes a vicious circle, as too much caffeine causes insomnia and restlessness in the first place!

** Take your time when doing your jobs. Because you're feeling tired and not firing on all cylinders don't rush what you're doing, as you may make mistakes or even worse might hurt yourself! 

** Do some light exercise. Something as simple as a walk around the block or some gentle yoga poses will give you a little boost too.

** Try to get as many things done early on. I always start to flag mid afternoon, so my go-slow becomes even slower.

** Don't make any commitments or big life decisions until you're feeling more alert. When I'm tired I can feel emotional too, so I try not to think too much about the future lol. Just concentrate on the day in hand.

Do you have regular bad nights sleeps? What do you think of my ideas of getting through the next day? 
Please share your top tips too!

Heather ♥


  1. So right on all points here!! I often prefer to slob about in my comfies if I've had a bad night (which is more often than not!) but if you actually get dressed 'properly', put on some make up like you say you feel so much better. Sometimes I know I just have to power through. I also feel emotional and feel the weight of the world on my shoulders when I'm really tired.
    Great tips.

    1. Thanks Steph : )
      Sometimes we do have to just power through don't we, glad you like the post ♥


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