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Chilled Ibiza

this post contains affiliate links, for more info see my disclaimer/contact page ............................... Back in May Mark and I took a two-night mini break to Ibiza, somewhere that's been on my wish list to visit for as long as I can remember!  We actually booked the whole trip through  Expedia which was a surprise to us because we usually book everything separately, but this time it did work out a little bit cheaper doing it that way. Anyway, we stayed at the  ME Ibiza  in Santa Eulalia. Which was absolutely stunning. As we are more on the older end of the age scale and not really into the 'clubbing' scene we wanted a more relaxed and chilled Ibiza experience. I had heard there's more to Ibiza then the 'clubs' and that it's a beautiful island. And the rumour was right. In fact, when we were in our taxi from the airport to the hotel we were completely in awe of the breathtaking scenery which had a real tropical f

BOOMBOD 7 day achiever - My experience

Before I start with this one I just want to clarify that I completely bought BOOMBOD myself and I'm in no collaboration with them at all. The closest I've had to any communication is that they 'liked' my boomerang of my BOOMBOD boxes on my insta stories. I just want to share with you, like always, my honest opinion of something I've tried. Affiliate links are in bold , which do not cost you anymore, I will just receive a teeny tiny percentage if you do decide to purchase through the link ♥ * * * * * * * * I first heard of BOOMBOD when I was scrolling through the showbiz articles on the Daily Mail. I can't fully remember the article, but I knew it gripped me enough to Google BOOMBOD and find their website immediately. I have dabbled in the past with diets  and things. I know there's been a bit of bad press surrounding Kim K recently and some sort of lolly pop that helps you loose weight. I've probably got that all wrong, as you can probably te