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BOOMBOD 7 day achiever - My experience

Before I start with this one I just want to clarify that I completely bought BOOMBOD myself and I'm in no collaboration with them at all. The closest I've had to any communication is that they 'liked' my boomerang of my BOOMBOD boxes on my insta stories. I just want to share with you, like always, my honest opinion of something I've tried. Affiliate links are in bold, which do not cost you anymore, I will just receive a teeny tiny percentage if you do decide to purchase through the link ♥

* * * * * * * *

I first heard of BOOMBOD when I was scrolling through the showbiz articles on the Daily Mail. I can't fully remember the article, but I knew it gripped me enough to Google BOOMBOD and find their website immediately.

I have dabbled in the past with diets and things. I know there's been a bit of bad press surrounding Kim K recently and some sort of lolly pop that helps you loose weight. I've probably got that all wrong, as you can probably tell I haven't really paid much attention to it all lol. But sometimes I am a bit of a marketing mans dream and I love a 'quick fix' idea, don't we all!

BOOMBOD does sound like a dream. Helps you loose weight by taking a shot of their magic mixture half an hour before each meal.

I probably wouldn't of usually gone ahead and purchased, but the pretty packaging and the buy one get one free offer (so hubby and I could do it together) and only £1.99 delivery to Spain had me sold in an instant. Told you, marketing mans dream!

How it works... a box of BOOMBOD contains 21 sachets. Seven for the morning, seven for the afternoon and seven for dinner. Three a day for seven days. Half an hour before each meal you have a sachet with some water. The solution turns into a bit of a gel, which I guess settles in your stomach to fill you up, so you don't overeat. They contain many different vitamins and also the natural fibre glucomannan that helps reduce your appetite.

Apparently there's no side effects to the BOOMBOD either, which is always a good thing!

I thought it'd be fun to keep a diary of my food intake, activities and how I'm feeling over the 7 days.

* * * * * * * *

Day one - 18th May 2018
Weight - 149.2 lbs

Breakfast - 2x oatibix with skimmed milk
Lunch - ham & cheese croissant
Dinner - pasta with chicken & mayo

Pretty much kept hunger pangs at bay, I haven't snacked at all and haven't felt the need to either, which is very unlike me! I'm always grabbing the biscuits!

I do feel tired, but I think that's more to do with my lack of sleep. We had a fairly busy time in Malaga recently and had a long drive there and back too.

Before dinner I did have some cravings for chocolate so I had 5 squares of some white chocolate we had left over and then some crisps after dinner. I wasn't really hungry after dinner, but hubby was slightly still, so he opened a bag of crisps. I literally have no self control so I indulged in some.

I think we did leave it too long between our last BOOMBOD sachet and when we had dinner, as I got sidetracked and decided to have a shower, lol.

When we went to bed we did feel slightly anxious. I think is the best way to explain it, you know when you've had far to many coffees, that feeling. It doesn't say anything about not having caffeine with BOOMBOD, but tomorrow I won't have so much just in case.

* * * * * * * * * 

Day two - 19th May 2018
Weight - 147.6 lbs

Breakfast - 2x oatibix with skimmed milk
Lunch - We went out for tapas. I had 3x croquettes, 3x meatballs, 4x chorizo, coffee, a diet coke & 1 small scoop mint choc chip ice-cream
Dinner - turkey cubed & cooked with some soy and onions

I woke up feeling hungry, but so much less bloated.

Today we've been quite busy. A nice lay in till about 10am which was lush! Then we had breakfast and went over to Leroy's to get some more bags of gravel. 6x 25kg bags for our under-build. I managed to carry 2 down there, does that count as a workout? It felt like one! 

A little sunbathe on the roof and then we went out for some lunch. We went to one of our favourite restaurants by the beach and shared some tapas. A bit naughty, but you know, life! And we enjoyed it so I don't feel bad lol. Plus the BOOMBOD doesn't state to not leave out food and it says to eat normal. Tapas is normal for us haha.

We then had a nice walk along the promenade and headed home for some gardening, then before we knew it the football was about to start. Showers and I cooked dinner. To be honest though we both weren't hungry at all, but I had already taken a couple of turkey breasts out of the freezer to defrost the night before so they really needed cooking. I just kept it basic and cooked them with some onion and soy sauce. 

Yesterday I said I think I had too much caffeine throughout the day, remember I am a tea monster! So this afternoon I switched to peppermint tea and I'm feeling a lot better for it. We've been drinking lot's of water too.

* * * * * * * *

Day three - 20th May 2018
Weight - 146.8 lbs

Breakfast - None
Lunch - Banana & fat free yogurt
Snack - 1 1/2 slices of cheese & 2x small scoops choc ice-cream
Dinner - Bowl of cornflakes with sweetener & skimmed milk, banana

We had another lovely lay-in this morning, then ended up lazing in bed with tea and lot's of cuddles from little Rae. It was gone 11 before we moved from the bedroom.

Neither of us were hungry and we thought it was silly to 'waste' the morning BOOMBOD sachet as it'd be nearly lunchtime by the time we'd both get washed and ready so we decided to skip that one. Not sure if you're meant too, but hey ho.

We had the lunchtime sachet then half an hour later I had just a banana and yogurt, as I wasn't feeling hungry at all, but thought I'd better have something.

We went for a walk and lazed around the pool.

Then the naughty afternoon snackness did get us with a nibble of cheese and some ice-cream, which I'm really annoyed with myself about as I was truly NOT hungry! Never mind...

We then went out for a drive to the garden centers, but they were all closed. Stopped off at the golf club for diet coke during our travels.

Back home and pretty much time for dinner. Again both not feeling hungry at all, so we had our dinner sachet, then half an hour later had just a bowl of cereal and a banana.

Oops just had two choc biscuits too!

* * * * * * * *

Day four 21st May 2018
Weight lbs 145.4 lbs

Breakfast - 2x oatibix with skimmed milk
Lunch - ham & cheese croissant, coffee
Dinner - 2x weetabix with skimmed milk

Today I woke up full of beans. I don't know if it's down to the BOOMBOD sachets with all the vitamins they also contain or that I've just been getting some good nights sleep.
Whatever reason it feels good!

Straight into my day with sorting out the fur-babies with their breakfast. Sounds easy, but with four hungry hippos circling you like little sharks in the kitchen trying to eat the food before it's reached their bowls whilst I'm also trying to break up asthma pills for Poppy's food, can be challenging.
All sorted, cleaned litter trays, got myself washed & dressed, half an hour gone and ready for my breakfast.

We're off to Ibiza tomorrow for a couple of nights, so I will try to be good today!

* * * * * * * *

Day five 22nd May 2018
Weight 144.8 lbs

Breakfast - 2x weetabix with skimmed milk
Lunch - 2x weetabix with skimmed milk

Today I was really chuffed with my morning weigh-in. I know you shouldn't weigh yourself everyday, but I personally do find it helps and keeps me motivated.

Today we go to Ibiza for a couple of nights and planning on continuing with the BOOMBOD to complete the 7 days...

OK, we got to the airport lounge and the BOOMBOD went out of the window - we were on holiday hahaha and made a collective decision to just enjoy ourselves while we were away : )

Overall I lost 4.4lbs over the 5 days and I really did feel less bloated.
To be honest though I can't help but think would I have lost this anyway, as looking back at my food diary I hadn't really eaten that much at all. Probably eaten all the wrong stuff lol.

Like all these weight loss products and diets they all say 'in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise' - or something along those lines. So I do genuinely think if you just eat healthy and do some regular exercise you will loose weight - and keep it off.

I do like the BOOMBOD. It tastes nice, it's a fun product and keeps you focused with breakfast, lunch and dinner. But I'm sorry to say it's not a miracle product and it won't make you loose weight (in my opinion). It may make you feel less bloated, but it doesn't seem to shred the weight. There is no such thing as a quick fix. Regular exercise truly is the key to getting rid of the excess lbs.

I am though continuing with the sachets that I had leftover. I got so excited when the boxes arrived I ended up ordering some more. (bit silly really as I should of waited to see if it actually worked first) I will give it a go again as it'd be a waste of £30.

If I hadn't of already ordered another box I probably wouldn't bother doing it again in all honesty.

It is a fun product though and I'm sure there is some science in it all, as it does apparently work for some people. It just wasn't for us.

If you do want to try the BOOMBOD 7 day achiever, Holland and Barrett stocks it too and it's half price. Which is the same as getting it for buy one get one free direct from BOOMBOD's website, but obviously you're only forking out for one box. Hope that makes sense??? Link just here.

Have you tried BOOMBOD before? Would love to know how you got on with it.

Heather ♥


  1. That's a pretty impressive weight loss for a 5 day trial! I think I've used something similar to this before. It worked quite well, but these kinds of products are always quite expensive.

    Laura ¦

    1. Thanks Laura, as always the weight crept back on again lol... they are pricey and I think something free like regular walking is more beneficial. Thanks for stopping by xx

  2. Hmm this was interesting to read as I always look at all these fad diet things and think Do they work? i am a bit of a salesmans dream too so have to keep myself on a tight rein haha. Thank you for your honest review, much appreciated, this is one I probably wont be trying xxx

    1. Haha yep I'm a sucker for pretty packaging! We tried it again and didn't really do anything.. regular exercise is the key lol there really isn't a 'magic' formula for loosing weight haha xx

  3. This is silly. Look how little you’ve eaten throughout the whole week!!! Anyway eould lose weight eating the small amount you did

    1. I know crazy hey! I've certainly made up for it since hehe!

  4. Your suppose to take it for seven days and your meals are suppose to be minimized your not suppose to be eating chocolate and grabbing chips, your suppose to be drinking water and exercising
    4.4lbs is actually really good to lose that in five days
    Your reviews honest but not valid your suppose to take it for seven days not five then go on vacation and forget about it that defeats the purpose and it’s not suppose to make you lose all your weight it’s suppose to help craving and bloatedness so it can spike up your journey of losing weight.

  5. Your suppose to use it for SEVEN days not five and your not suppose to be eating chocolate Ice cream and chocolate and chips, 4.4 lbs in five days with you eating that should just show you this works, now I’m not saying you didn’t eat healthy at all because you did but for you to lose four pounds in five days that’s actually really good

    1. Hi Pie, thanks for commenting and stopping by! I know I'm pretty rubbish following instructions lol but I wasn't gonna deprive myself in Ibiza, especially when we were only there for a couple of days. I wasn't dissing the product, It just wasn't for me. Looking back at what I ate I'd probably of lost that weight in that amount of time anyway. I'm sorry you don't see my post as valid, I was just casually sharing about it that's all. As I said in the post 'It is a fun product though and I'm sure there is some science in it all, as it does apparently work for some people. It just wasn't for us.' Also I doubt if I had continued using it for 2 more days it would of magically impressed me or changed my views. I'm not saying it didn't 'work' I just think it's not really worth it and good 'ol exercise and everything in moderation is the key :)


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