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Chilled Ibiza

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Back in May Mark and I took a two-night mini break to Ibiza, somewhere that's been on my wish list to visit for as long as I can remember! 

We actually booked the whole trip through Expedia which was a surprise to us because we usually book everything separately, but this time it did work out a little bit cheaper doing it that way.

Anyway, we stayed at the ME Ibiza in Santa Eulalia.

Which was absolutely stunning.

As we are more on the older end of the age scale and not really into the 'clubbing' scene we wanted a more relaxed and chilled Ibiza experience. I had heard there's more to Ibiza then the 'clubs' and that it's a beautiful island.

And the rumour was right.

In fact, when we were in our taxi from the airport to the hotel we were completely in awe of the breathtaking scenery which had a real tropical feel with all the lush greenery around. Mark said it felt like a 'European Bali'. Which I think described our views perfectly.

The hotel was stunning and I particularly liked the Veuve Clicquot Champers at breakfast. As the breakfast restaurant was by the pool everybody would just help themselves to extra glasses and would be sipping Champers on their sunbeds post breakfast. Of course I joined in, it was all very civilised, darling!

Further up the beach there were a few little beach bars/restaurants which were fab! One afternoon we sat at Cala Martina Beach and we had a couple of beers, cocktails and coffee's in the sunshine which really was so relaxing and felt how a 'holiday' should. 

Another ten mins or so up the beach is Ibiza's famous Hippy Market. Only open on a Wednesday and it really is worth the visit. Top tip tho, go first thing! We went in the middle of the afternoon in the blazing sunshine and it was heaving! Absolutely mobbed. So we didn't stay for long. It did look so cool with all sorts of amazing arts and crafts, live music and food stalls too. 

Looking back we did really enjoy our little trip to Ibiza. Our last nights sleep was a little interrupted as the hotel had a private function on the roof and the music from the DJ was thumping through the whole hotel. Very annoying for us oldies who were having a chilled evening and wanted an early night, haha. 

The flight for us is only 30 mins from Alicante and is such an easy trip, I'm sure we will be re-visiting in the future. 

Neighbouring Nikki Beach

Have you ever been to Ibiza? Any must haves or tips for when we next go?!

Heather ♥


  1. Ohhhh I havent been to Ibiza since my clubbing days, but have always said Id go back. It looks gorgeous and your photos capture it beautifully. One of my friends swears by Ibiza for a chilled, family holiday and goes back almost every year. I must add it to my to visit list. Love this post Heather, its giving me all the holiday fees!

    1. Thanks Kerry! I secretly would love to go clubbing there! I'm excited for future trips tho to explore more of the Island xx

  2. Great pics and glad you enjoyed your trip, shame about the last night though! Ibiza is deffo on my list of places to visit. Wouldn't mind a relaxing week either but my friend and I have always said we want to go clubbing there before we turned 50. Sarah has turned 50 already so that didn't work out did it!!!

    1. Thanks Steph! OMG you should still go! I'd be so jealous haha maybe before your 55th's?! Got to be done! : )
      It is such a beautiful island I definitely want to go back and explore more.

  3. Looks fab H. Glad you had a good time. I did go clubbing here...about 25 years ago and am far more attracted to a quieter time now lol!

    1. Thanks Liz! Aww I think I would like to go clubbing just to say I've done it lol, but I can't believe what a beautiful Island it is. Really hoping to explore more one day! xx


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