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From Porch to Garden Room

We're really into the whole 'don't move improve' mantra at the mo. With all the building work going on around us it is tempting to sell up and move  (never say never though),  but we do actually love our house and the location too. The building work won't go on forever after all, hopefully . One of the things that did bug us about our house was the lack of a 'porch'. Well we had an open porch, but the front door opened straight into the lounge.  Now that we have four fur-babies, all house cats, it was beginning to become quite a challenge getting in and out the house without an 'airlock'. Just before Christmas we had some new double glazed windows fitted and along with that we had a huge window fitted to one side of the porch and glass curtains (which are quite popular here in Spain) fitted to the front. VoilĂ , we now have an enclosed porch! The glass curtains are amazing. They are made up of panels of glass which all sli

Braces update - over half way

I officially have 6 months left of wearing my braces. 12 months are done and I can't believe how quick the time has gone!  I first wrote about my braces when I was dabbling with a new blog My Spanish Vida (which was basically this blog but on another platform) which if you fancy a read here's the  link . It did take me a while to get use to my braces, but I persevered and here we are a year in. With teeth that for the first time in my life are straight! They obviously still have a way to go, but I really feel I'm on the home stretch and December will be here in no time.  My dentist is Spanish, quite obvious really as I live in Spain, Ha. She is so lovely, but doesn't speak much English and I don't speak much Spanish. Even though my appointments are all very friendly and there's lot's of Hola's, Hello's, bien's & good's flying around, I don't really know what's happening to my teeth until it's been done.  I