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Braces update - over half way

I officially have 6 months left of wearing my braces. 12 months are done and I can't believe how quick the time has gone! 

I first wrote about my braces when I was dabbling with a new blog My Spanish Vida (which was basically this blog but on another platform) which if you fancy a read here's the link.

It did take me a while to get use to my braces, but I persevered and here we are a year in. With teeth that for the first time in my life are straight! They obviously still have a way to go, but I really feel I'm on the home stretch and December will be here in no time. 

My dentist is Spanish, quite obvious really as I live in Spain, Ha. She is so lovely, but doesn't speak much English and I don't speak much Spanish. Even though my appointments are all very friendly and there's lot's of Hola's, Hello's, bien's & good's flying around, I don't really know what's happening to my teeth until it's been done. 

I think that's probably a good thing though. Then at least I don't stress out at what's about to happen and work myself up unnecessarily. 

Each appointment my teeth are tightened which is getting easier, but I don't think I'll ever relax while it's being done. My last visit in June I had some extra 'hooks' fitted to the inside of my teeth at the top near the back. Which mini elastic bands hook onto and down to my bottom molars at the back. One on each side. I really hope that makes sense. I won't scare you guys with a pic, but there are lot's of pictures on google if you want to see more.

At first they felt really strange. I have to leave them in all the time and only take them out for eating and cleaning my teeth. Now it only feels strange when they're not in. The mini elastic bands tend to snap most of the time. They just kind of randomly ping in your mouth, they don't hurt or anything, but can be awkward trying to fish them out. 

It'll be interesting to see what happens next month!

I am finding that my teeth are looking really discoloured which I don't like. But every now and then my dentist does give them a blast and gets what felt like a saw out (I really did think she was filing my teeth, haha) but it was just strong type of floss, to give them a good clean.

You really can tell that I have know idea what they're doing each time can't you!

Last month also on a separate mouth issue my gum started growing over my bottom back tooth. They said it wasn't related to the braces treatment, which I'm still slightly sceptical about. Nevertheless though, I had the gum cut and that's healing lovely too. 

Side note - I don't like injections! This was my first ever injection in my mouth and it felt so weird. When I got home I cried. As it started wearing off I didn't know what to do with myself. I have a serious low pain threshold! Anyone else like this!???

So that's the update with my braces journey. Have you had or currently have braces. Would love to hear your stories too.

Heather ♥


  1. I’ve had my braces on nearly 2 years and I’ve just got bands! Fingers cross they’ll be off by December

  2. Oh have you! Two years wowser, that's both of us counting down then ☺ xx


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