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From Porch to Garden Room

We're really into the whole 'don't move improve' mantra at the mo.

With all the building work going on around us it is tempting to sell up and move (never say never though), but we do actually love our house and the location too. The building work won't go on forever after all, hopefully.

One of the things that did bug us about our house was the lack of a 'porch'. Well we had an open porch, but the front door opened straight into the lounge. 

Now that we have four fur-babies, all house cats, it was beginning to become quite a challenge getting in and out the house without an 'airlock'.

Just before Christmas we had some new double glazed windows fitted and along with that we had a huge window fitted to one side of the porch and glass curtains (which are quite popular here in Spain) fitted to the front. VoilĂ , we now have an enclosed porch!

The glass curtains are amazing. They are made up of panels of glass which all slide individually to one side and fold back on each other, so that you can open the room back up to one large open space. (hope that makes sense)

Our porch is now the Garden Room...

It's literally the smallest room of the house, but has become ours and the fur-babies favourite.

The sun beams in and makes it so warm and toasty, no wonder the cats love it! 

Decor wise, we wanted to still keep the outdoors feel, but also have a Floridian, Key West, shabby chic vibe to it. (We love Florida!)

We already had the white Floridian/Californian Chairs with matching table which is what we pretty much styled the room around. 

We painted the walls white which instantly gave a clean, fresh, summer feel to the room.

For the floor tiles we went for white with a rustic effect to them. They are meant to look like distressed wood floor boards. I absolutely love them.

We kept the accessories simple. A lantern style lamp with a funky bulb and rope handle. The ceiling light also has rope on it which all adds to the rustic ambiance. 

A simple side table with a glass top for the lamp and some coasters we already had. The cork ones are originally from Zara Home which we've had for forever and they look a bit tired, but I think they work well.

Then some awesome colourful ones my sister bought for us when she was on holiday in Hawaii. 
I love them and they fit the room perfectly! 

The super cute cat coasters my friend gave us a while ago and well, cats! (I'm a fan of coasters, can you tell!?)

Of course the fur-babies had to have a duplicate of their favourite cat tree/nest/climbing frame for in there. Plus we bought a simple white bench that I've covered with a blanket from Primark as the cushion was a bit boring!

Along with a couple of tall white lanterns in the corners, the room is complete.

We love how the room is fairly simple with subtle accessories.

We are so pleased with how it's turned out. It's such a relaxing space and has transformed our life much more than we ever imagined it would be.

The large panels of glass make the room lovely and light which feeds into the lounge too.

So there we have it - from porch to garden room.

If you follow me on insta the garden room and the fur-babies feature quite regularly on stories! Follow here.

Do you like to do a bit of diy and go by the whole 'don't move improve' mantra like us?

Heather ♥


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