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Buzzcloth - Review

This product was gifted in return for an honest review ............................. When Buzzcloth recently got in touch with me saying they'd like me to review their product I was over the moon and so keen to find out more about it. This particular blogging assignment really caught my eye as I'm becoming more and more aware about the dangers plastic is having on our environment. Which I think a lot of us are aren't we. I have always tried to do my bit with recycling and always use my bags for life when doing the groceries, but that's as far as it's gone really. With all the recent press about plastic in the sea and harming our sealife it's time for us all to up our game and really start changing our plastic habits for good. This is why Buzzcloth appealed to me. I was really intrigued to find out more about how this 'cloth' could help reduce our plastic use in our everyday life. When the pack arrived at my P.O Box I was reall

Behind the Instagram picture

Yesterday I posted this picture on my Instagram stories.  Me lazying by the pool enjoying the Spanish sun in complete relaxation. So you'd probably think. In reality I was bored, lonely and missing my husband. I sat there for like 5 minutes before I was up again pottering back around the garden. During the week we have constant noise in the background from the builders across the road. I was feeling over looked from the house next door and I was having to listen to some other neighbours visitors up the road screaming and jumping in their pool. Not exactly the peaceful summer Tuesday that was being perceived. Please don't think I'm feeling hard done by or sorry for myself, because I'm really not! On the other hand though, because I am living in the sun, a stay at home cat mumma and housewife doesn't mean I can't feel bored and lonely at times. I just wanted to explain more behind the Insta story I posted, as things aren't always

Life lately- France, Shea butter and moving!

~ this post contains affiliate links see my  Disclaimer/Contact  page for more info ~ ****** Hi guys! With things going back to being a bit more relaxed, chatty and casual over here on the blog and stopping trying to force the whole big 'blogger' thing I thought I'd fill you in on well, 'life lately'. So. Marks been working in France now for the last couple of months and I've been over a few times to visit him. He's back to commuting which is really hard going as the flights between Alicante and Paris aren't that straight forward. Split between the three different airports around Paris, CDG, Orly and Beauvais the logistics are quite a headache. But as always we're tackling it head on, sucking it up and just getting on with it!  We were hoping to already be living up there, but renting in Paris is a little bit more complicated then we first thought. The agent wanted a list of documents and proof of monies etc literally more info

Remember why you started

Every now and then for some reason I come to a bit of a bump in the road with my blog and I never really know why. I have a break, tweak it here and there and then set off again. But nothing really changes and I then find myself at the same bump in the road again. I saw this quote the other day, which I have seen before, but I have never really digested it properly. It made me really think about my blog and literally 'why did I start my blog?' 'Remember why you started'.  I've mentioned many times before that I started my blog as I was looking for a free hobby while Mark was at work.  At the time we had a joint Facebook page (which I've recently just made mine lol as Mark wasn't really using it anymore he's more about LinkedIn and it was just getting confusing being the both of us on there).  Anyway, I wanted somewhere where I could share my everyday goings on, fashion and beauty I was into at the time, our cats, our holidays an