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Behind the Instagram picture

Yesterday I posted this picture on my Instagram stories. 

Me lazying by the pool enjoying the Spanish sun in complete relaxation.

So you'd probably think.

In reality I was bored, lonely and missing my husband. I sat there for like 5 minutes before I was up again pottering back around the garden.

During the week we have constant noise in the background from the builders across the road. I was feeling over looked from the house next door and I was having to listen to some other neighbours visitors up the road screaming and jumping in their pool.

Not exactly the peaceful summer Tuesday that was being perceived.

Please don't think I'm feeling hard done by or sorry for myself, because I'm really not! On the other hand though, because I am living in the sun, a stay at home cat mumma and housewife doesn't mean I can't feel bored and lonely at times.

I just wanted to explain more behind the Insta story I posted, as things aren't always as they seem. I think there's so much negativity around social media and people comparing themselves to these strangers lives when they really shouldn't.

It is hard I know and we all fall into the comparing trap at some point. I really think we all need to remember that there could me more to that perfect Instagram picture or story. Remember that not everyone's leading what may seem the perfect life and certainly don't ever compare yourself to people you see on social media. I have to remind myself of this often.

Think of what you do have and put a positive spin on it. Trust me you can always turn things into a positive if you want to.

Social media is amazing in that we can all connect with each other from all over the world. Remember though to just take it as a means of inspiration, enjoy the pictures you're following, take them with a pinch of salt and then, keep scrolling. 


In other news, I've been testing out an environmentally friendly product which I've generously been sent to review on my blog. I can't wait to show you the post about it which will hopefully be out tomorrow or the next day. Keep your eyes peeled.

I'll then probably be a little quiet as Mark will be home and we've got a busy few days planned. We need to start to wrap up some pending DIY projects, we're viewing a house in the country - hope we don't get lost! and of course pool time which is always much more fun with the hubs!


Heather ♥


  1. So true. Not all celebritiesare happy so dont always believe the happy smiley pictures

  2. Im totally with you. I really wish this need to portray ourselves as perfect all the time would stop. I see grown women filtering their faces, changing their real appearance. Its a madness! Life is certainly not perfect, we shouldnt try to portray it is xx

    1. Absolutely! It's crazy isn't it what goes on with all the filtering and way too much tweaking! I used to like the realness of it all, real people real lives, I think that's got a little lost along the way xx


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