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Buzzcloth - Review

This product was gifted in return for an honest review


When Buzzcloth recently got in touch with me saying they'd like me to review their product I was over the moon and so keen to find out more about it.

This particular blogging assignment really caught my eye as I'm becoming more and more aware about the dangers plastic is having on our environment. Which I think a lot of us are aren't we.

I have always tried to do my bit with recycling and always use my bags for life when doing the groceries, but that's as far as it's gone really. With all the recent press about plastic in the sea and harming our sealife it's time for us all to up our game and really start changing our plastic habits for good.

This is why Buzzcloth appealed to me. I was really intrigued to find out more about how this 'cloth' could help reduce our plastic use in our everyday life.

When the pack arrived at my P.O Box I was really excited that I had been sent through all three sizes that's available, a lovely little note and some information about Buzzcloth.

To be honest I was just expecting a small sample, so you can imagine my delight at being able to really give this a go and be able to start changing my plastic habits forever.

So after the little photo shoot I set up in my kitchen haha I thought well I better get to 'testing' this out for real. 

So what is Buzzcloth?

Buzzcloth is a natural hand-made organic cloth made from a mix of beeswax and tree resin

Buzzcloth is an alternative to cling film and tin foil food wraps.

Completely reusable 

Washable by hand not in the dishwasher

Can be used on most food products...

But not hot food, in the oven or raw meat

If you want to cover raw meat put it in a bowl first and cover the bowl with your Buzzcloth

The cloth easily molds around the food

and keeps it fresh as a daisy without harming the planet : )

My first test was with some mini chocolate donuts! 

I know, I'd love to say some fruit and veg or a tasty sandwich, but yep donuts!

I had bought a pack of our faves and scoffed a couple, OK I'd scoffed half the pack so there were four left for hubby's return home after a couple of days. Usually if  I had just left them in their now ripped plastic box they would of gone dry in the fridge. 

Perfect for the first test I thought.

I wrapped them up in the medium sized cloth which I was sent and popped them in the fridge.

When Mark got home a couple of days later the donuts were completely fresh and just like they were on the day I bought them! Tick, Buzzcloth off to a good start.

Since then I have had my cheese wrapped in Buzzcloth and the opened packet of ham too. I didn't let the Buzzcoth touch the actual ham, but used it to re-seal the packet if you like. 

Both items have stayed fresh and tasty.

I do love how this product has been developed and could totally replace the use of cling film and tin foil forever. 

Obviously while I was waiting for my Buzzcloth to arrive I read up a little bit about it first. Ever since then I have felt guilty every time I used tin foil and cling film! It was like when I realised Clinique tests their products on animals and I kept on seeing a poor bunny's face every time I used something of theirs! The guilt is real peeps!

So, tin foil isn't recyclable, as most people use it for food and it becomes contaminated. Plus reading on Buzzcloth's website that tin foil also has a huge carbon footprint to produce which isn't good for the environment either.

Cling film - apart from being super annoying to use anyway - has anyone ever got on with cling film in the first place?! - it also takes thousands of years to decompose.

I would thoroughly recommend reading the Why Buzzcloth and their FAQ's page to get a real insight into what Buzzcloth is all about and stands for. Makes a good read and has certainly opened my eyes!

On the surface you may think oh wow that's a bit expensive. I'll stick to the cheap foil and wraps, but when you weigh it up, Buzzcloth if looked after, can last up to three years and then it is fully biodegradable on the compost heap too. Let's face it as well, we have no problem spending £10-£40 on a Friday night in the pub, so why not put it to good use on a product that's gonna last years, helps the environment and is actually very useful too! Just food for thought...

I'm so pleased I've had the opportunity to try this eco-friendly food wrap out as it would be something I will definitely purchase in the future. Luckily though I think I'm all set for a few years yet!

Oh also, Buzzcloth cleans up a treat too. After the chocolate donuts test there was some chocolate on it. I rinsed it carefully with warm water and the stains came off no problem. That same wrap is around the ham packet now and there's no crazy chocolate flavoured ham going on, haha.

I really think if we all start to incorporate these changes our planet will stop being ruined by these awful plastic products. It's crazy when you think about it, that we know the dangers plastic has, but they're still being produced and used.

Mark and I are always shocked about the amount of plastic packaging that's used when we're in the supermarket. Is it really necessary?!

Is Buzzcloth something you'll try? I hope so! Also, have you started to become more aware about plastic usage and have any tips on how we can cut down the use in our everyday lives? Let's chat in the comments below!

 Heather x


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