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Life lately- France, Shea butter and moving!

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Hi guys!

With things going back to being a bit more relaxed, chatty and casual over here on the blog and stopping trying to force the whole big 'blogger' thing I thought I'd fill you in on well, 'life lately'.

So. Marks been working in France now for the last couple of months and I've been over a few times to visit him. He's back to commuting which is really hard going as the flights between Alicante and Paris aren't that straight forward. Split between the three different airports around Paris, CDG, Orly and Beauvais the logistics are quite a headache. But as always we're tackling it head on, sucking it up and just getting on with it! 

We were hoping to already be living up there, but renting in Paris is a little bit more complicated then we first thought. The agent wanted a list of documents and proof of monies etc literally more info then you need for a mortgage! 

So yep hotel hoping and flying back and forth on days off for now until the probation period is up.

Most recently we were staying at the Crowne Plaza at CDG, which is really nice and as hubby has super hotel status (that's not the official name btw!) he get's an upgrade to a suite which always makes hotel living a lot more comfortable. 

The hotel is in a place called Roissy-En-France, which if you follow my Instagram you'd of seen a few pics on there from a little stroll we took one morning. 

Literally at the back of the hotel is a beautiful park and then some lovely streets with a few cafes and bars. Considering the town/village is right next to the airport it's really pretty. Hopefully on my next visit we'll have time to grab a bite to eat there and explore more.

As you can imagine when Marks home in Spain we're making the most of the Summer days and spending most of our time in the pool. And why not haha.

But with constant flip-flop wearing it's really taking a toll on the 'ol feet!

They are so dry it's really quite embarrassing actually, but after a recent purchase of a new foot file, Body Shop ones are the best in my opinion lol and the recommendation of Body Shops Shea Body Butter from my lovely blogger friend Kerry from Kerry, life and loves (check out her blog btw you'll be hooked!) the feet are starting to become a bit more presentable and getting back on track, haha! 

OK, so what else??? Oh yes moving! Now we dabbled with the idea earlier on in the year and actually got an offer on the house the same day it was valued. It was all quite a whirlwind of emotions. We did pull out after having a good think after a couple of days. But now we are 100% ready to put Villa Poppy back on the market and find our dream property. 

We will miss this house immensely as it's meant so much to us and we've worked so hard on projects around the house and garden, but it is time to move on and find somewhere with more space, inland and a little bit away from it all. Aka, we're getting old and want to hear the crickets at night rather then the hustle and bustle of the summer nightlife, bars and neighbours garden parties, lol. 

I hope you've enjoyed the little catch up. What are you up to today? 

I've a huge list of more gardening and housework to get through. Firstly though, I will try to pay the Suma bill after yesterday's failed attempt, apparently it can only be paid on certain days of the month and Monday wasn't one of them!

Happy Tuesday

Love Heather ♥


  1. The commuting must really takes its toll on both of you and who'd have thought renting in France would prove so difficult! Look forward to all the updates on the house move.

    1. Oh yes, it really is quite a complicated affair the 'ol renting in France lol... Commuting is so hard, we thought those days were over, hopefully it won't be too long till we're all sorted! xx


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