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Remember why you started

remember why you started

Every now and then for some reason I come to a bit of a bump in the road with my blog and I never really know why. I have a break, tweak it here and there and then set off again. But nothing really changes and I then find myself at the same bump in the road again.

I saw this quote the other day, which I have seen before, but I have never really digested it properly.

It made me really think about my blog and literally 'why did I start my blog?' 'Remember why you started'. 

I've mentioned many times before that I started my blog as I was looking for a free hobby while Mark was at work. 

At the time we had a joint Facebook page (which I've recently just made mine lol as Mark wasn't really using it anymore he's more about LinkedIn and it was just getting confusing being the both of us on there). 

Anyway, I wanted somewhere where I could share my everyday goings on, fashion and beauty I was into at the time, our cats, our holidays and days out. Somewhere where, I could maybe expand on a facebook post, without the worry of the virtual eye-rolling, snigger's and criticism. (Does anyone else feel like that when it comes to facebook, why are people even your 'friend' on there? - but that's probably for another post!)

I feel recently without even realising it I've been trying to post about what I think people may want or want to hear. Trying to be this amazing photographer and then feeling crap when my photos don't turn out how I want. 

I, to be honest, don't think I'm being very me. I've been trying to be the 'blogger' instead of Heather Townsend who shares things on her blog.

Looking back that's probably why I dabbled with a new blog My Spanish Vida last year, as I was just lost with Suncream and Sparkles.

The last day or so I've been brainstorming the old fashion way with my notepad and pen and then I've tweaked the headings on my blog.

I want Suncream and Sparkles to be more of a diary of my life and what I've been buying and getting up too, also sharing any new products with you through blogger collaborations. 
Which is what it was always meant to be. 

To start the new road with my blog I've tweaked the headings. We now have...

Which will be pretty much everything to do with, well, life. Home decor, healthy living ideas and general chit chat.

As you know I currently live in Spain on the Costa Blanca, so under Costa Blanca South you'll find posts about days out in the area, restaurants, beaches and local finds.


Sharing holidays and mini breaks away along with anything 'travel' related.

 Here I'll share ootd's, latest beauty buys and products I've been using.

I feel a lot happier with the little changes I've made and I feel Suncream and Sparkles now has a much better structure and direction. 

I really hope you also like the changes and enjoy the new Suncream and Sparkles too.

'Remember why you started'

Heather x


  1. Be true to yourself and you will suc5

    1. Thank you Colby that means a lot! p.s Colby Jack's my favourite cheese! ; )

  2. Hey these are so pretty awesome ideas!! I think we've all been in that place where we feel a little burnt out with our blog content, it's completely natural so it's good to take the time to re-consider things, and make sure you always blog about things you truly want to talk about. Would looove to see more posts on Spain life! :) <3 xoxo


    1. Hi Kay! Thanks for your comment lovely. I definitely want to post more under 'Spain Life' it wasn't until I re-jiggled the headings that I realized there wasn't more posts about where I'm living in Spain, which is beautiful and needs to be shared more.
      Heather xx

  3. Ohhh Heather I think we have all been where you feel you were. We start playing the comparison game etc. I started writing occasional posts about things that I felt people wanted to read, but then it dawned on me, you cant please everyone, so you may as well just please yourself! I really do think that if you are writing about things that you are passionate about, people pick up on that and it grows from there xxx Im so glad that you are feeling a little better abut it al xxx

    1. Thanks Kerry, It's terrible how we fall into the comparison game and how it makes us feel so rubbish. Why do we let ourselves feel/do that? Anyway fingers crossed for some new posts haha xxx


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