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Short weekend in Spain

this post contains affiliate links - read more about them  here This weekend, like most weekends went past in a flick of an eye. But it really was quite a busy one. Fun busy, slightly tiring, but well worth the effort. Saturday morning we flew to Alicante from Paris Orly on Vueling . The flight was at quite a reasonable time, 11.20am, but it's still a fairly early start when you consider allowing time for the drive to the airport and the airport check-in etc. We were up at 7am - gave ourselves an hour to get ready and sort the fur-babies out. We left at 8am as you can never be sure of the traffic through Paris. It should be about a 30 min drive on the motorway, but someday's it can take anything up to 2 hours - even been rumoured to take 4!! Also, there was some planned protests about fuel due to happen, so we left plenty of time so we hopefully weren't caught up in anything. Luck was on our side and it was a fairly good run. We parke

The Westin Cape Coral Resort at Marina village - Florida

- this post contains affiliate links - We went to Cape Coral in October for five nights. We had booked it nearly a year in advanced and had no idea that it would fall a week before we were due to move countries, from Spain to France. Certainly know how to put pressure on ourselves, but no-one could of predicted that one. Anyway, it was lovely to have a beak away before the craziness and stress of a big move. Neither of us had been over to Cape Coral before as we always seem to default to Fort Lauderdale.  It was about a two and half hours drive from Fort Lauderdale airport over to Cape Coral. Quite an easy straight drive through the Everglades. Sounds cool doesn't it. But to be honest it was a bit of a boring drive with just baron swamp land for miles. We did find a Maccy's en-route, which is always good for a road trip stop! We stayed at the The Westin Cape Coral Resort at Marina Village and it was a really lovely hote

A bit of a continuation from yesterday's post - things are looking up - braces removed and some lush silver shampoo!

Bonjour! So today's post is a little bit of a mish mash of chat and catch up and also a little bit of a continuation from yesterday's  We've moved to France  post. That's what I love about blogging, especially with my blog, that it doesn't matter when you post and what about. For me it's now like an online diary to share my thoughts and goings on with you guys. As well as being somewhere to record memories to look back on when I'm old and grey ☺ I hope yesterday's post didn't come across negative at all because we are so excited for the new adventure - we just need to get the setting up period out of the way! But we are getting there. We had success in Orange last night and now have TV yay! You don't understand how good it feels to be able to watch SkyNews on the actual telly lol. We've had french TV on and the odd program we've been able to change the language, but being able to watch the news in your own language and kn

We've moved to France!

this post contains affiliate links * * * * * * * * *  Bonjour mon amie, ├ža-va? Posting today for the first time in absolutely ages and I'm coming to you from a delightfully quiet, picturesque countryside about half an hour from Paris. Yep, we've moved to France! In a nutshell... Mark's job is now located in Paris. Commuting was too much and we really missed each other. The constant building work near our home in Spain was really getting to us. It was a no brainer really to find a lovely pad in France and relocate with the furbies in tow. So here we are nestled in the French country-side for the time being. We're pretty much all settled in, but the whole setting up bills and services has been quite a headache I'm not gonna lie. Simply because of the language barrier. We really need to up our game on learning french, easier said then done . I can remember a bit from school, but that's no where enough to hold a conversation or to set up u