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Short weekend in Spain

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This weekend, like most weekends went past in a flick of an eye. But it really was quite a busy one. Fun busy, slightly tiring, but well worth the effort.

Saturday morning we flew to Alicante from Paris Orly on Vueling. The flight was at quite a reasonable time, 11.20am, but it's still a fairly early start when you consider allowing time for the drive to the airport and the airport check-in etc.

We were up at 7am - gave ourselves an hour to get ready and sort the fur-babies out. We left at 8am as you can never be sure of the traffic through Paris. It should be about a 30 min drive on the motorway, but someday's it can take anything up to 2 hours - even been rumoured to take 4!! Also, there was some planned protests about fuel due to happen, so we left plenty of time so we hopefully weren't caught up in anything.

Luck was on our side and it was a fairly good run.

We parked easily at the airport and trundled through security and then promptly onto the airport lounge for a cafe-au-lait and a croissant.

The flight took about 1hr 40min.

Landed on time and there was no queue at the Hertz desk. We picked up our wheels for the weekend and off we went to our house.

After a quick check over and opening of all the blinds, we whizzed to Mercadona for some supplies and then back to the house where I cracked on with some weeding and gardening and Mark cleaned the pool. 

That evening we met my Mum and Step-dad for dinner. We went to a restaurant called 'Comfy' at the Fuente centre. It's described as 'International' cuisine. So a bit of everything really! It was the second time for us and the first for Mum and Alan. The food was tasty with generous portions. A good time was had by all.

We slept really well and woke up feeling pretty refreshed. 

After a slightly lazy morning we then popped over to Zenia Boulevard. I picked up a new belt from Primark €4 can't go wrong! And some fluffy socks too.

As usual we found ourselves in Al Campo - it seems we can't go anywhere without going to a supermarket! We managed three in our short weekend, lol. 

A coffee and a Panini later we headed back home to do a little bit of housework, fill our wheelie bags with bits I forgot to pack! (Read my 'We've moved to France' post you'll understand!) A little relax in our garden room and then back off to the airport to catch the 19.20 flight back to Paris.

A very quick weekend away and worth every minute.

We had a great time and loved being back at our house.

It's even left us a little homesick...

Heather ♥


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