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Looking after yourself in the winter months - mind & body

I've been living back in Northern Europe, here in France for about 8 weeks now. I had literally forgotten how cold and to the point - how miserable it can be. I had also forgotten what havoc dark, windy and rainy weather can have on your mood. I've really been noticing how much happier and motivated I feel when the sun is shining. It doesn't have to be warm, I quite like wrapping up in a coat and scarf, but it has to be sunny. I quite like those sunny, crisp, winter days. But as soon as the dark draws in and any wind and rain appear, the mood changes. It's not good is it. Also I've noticed how bad my skin has become. Dry, flaky hands. Blotchy pale face. I'm not doing well! I have an issue with my general overall appearance of my facial skin at the moment anyway. I'm now in my late thirties and the years of being cabin crew and partying in sunny destinations, as well as living in Asia, the Middle East and Spain for near on 8 years

Weekend in the UK via the Eurotunnel

above picture from befunky stock images. this post also contains affiliate links, read more about them on my disclaimer/contact page     ********* How is it literally late Tuesday afternoon already?!  OK, granted I've been a lazy bones today and didn't actually wake up till 11a.m. I haven't slept in that late for literally forever.  I was up early with the furbies though. Lily doesn't let me miss the 5.30a.m breakfast call. There is also no ignoring her, as she literally howls beside the bed until I get up. So that's my excuse for snoozing into 11a.m, ha! Also I think I was catching up from our very tiring, but very enjoyable weekend. Saturday morning we drove over to the UK via the Eurotunnel. Of course we have done this a few times now with our epic trips in the past between Spain and the UK, but this is the first time we've driven over from the new place in France. Calais is just under two and a half hours away from us an

Mini break to Dubai - After being away for 3 years

This post contains affiliate links, read more in my disclaimer/contact  page ************** Hi guys,  So, you would of seen from my insta and fb recently that we were over in Dubai last week for a few days. If you've followed me for a while you'd know that we lived in the UAE for five years and we left the UAE to go back to Spain (with a short stint in the UK too) three years ago. Which is crazy. I can't believe it's been that long. It's literally gone by in a flick of an eye.  It was a well overdue visit. Mark was out there for work so naturally I had to tag along! Mark treated me to Business Class on Emirates , which I loved! I mean who doesn't! There's just something about sipping champagne at 30,000ft...  So after a 6 hour flight from Charles De Gaulle we arrived in Dubai. Everything was so familiar. It literally felt like we had arrived home. At the hotel we were upgraded to