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Looking after yourself in the winter months - mind & body

relaxing in a bubble bath

I've been living back in Northern Europe, here in France for about 8 weeks now.

I had literally forgotten how cold and to the point - how miserable it can be.

I had also forgotten what havoc dark, windy and rainy weather can have on your mood.

I've really been noticing how much happier and motivated I feel when the sun is shining. It doesn't have to be warm, I quite like wrapping up in a coat and scarf, but it has to be sunny.

I quite like those sunny, crisp, winter days. But as soon as the dark draws in and any wind and rain appear, the mood changes. It's not good is it.

Also I've noticed how bad my skin has become.

Dry, flaky hands. Blotchy pale face. I'm not doing well!

I have an issue with my general overall appearance of my facial skin at the moment anyway. I'm now in my late thirties and the years of being cabin crew and partying in sunny destinations, as well as living in Asia, the Middle East and Spain for near on 8 years with Mark, the sun damage is starting to show. 

So kids if you're reading this, please please please start wearing that spf 50 NOW! Or at least a spf 30, because trust me, I am living proof, that it does all catch up on you and no-one is an exception to the rule.

It's so important to look after our skin and our bodies in general. 

I am obsessed with body lotions and creams at the moment. I have different ones scattered all over the house, so when the dry skin attacks, I'm there ready for battle.

I'm also really into having baths recently too. I have always loved a bath, but our house in Spain only has showers. So when it turned out this rental had a bath, I was over the moon and instantly started thinking about all the bath bombs and bubbles I could buy. 

In the winter when it's all cold and chilly outside it's so tempting just to forget about all the extra self grooming bit's isn't it. We're all covered up anyway....


This is the ideal time to start prepping your skin, your feet, your nails, getting them ready for when Spring arrives. 

Keep up with all your shaving, body scrubs, manicures and pedicures because not only will it make you feel good mentally being all shiny and fresh, come the Spring/Summer you will be glowing and ready to shine. 

relaxing in a bubble bath

I've recently treated myself to some Victoria's Secret body lotions. I always smell them when I browse in store, but always shy away from actually purchasing any because I think the price is slightly high. 

When we were travelling through Alicante airport a couple of months back I did my usual ritual of smelling the testers and trying some out. Placing a body lotion back on the shelf I noticed the promotion. €28 each - Buy one get one for €1. What! So basically two for €29. That all of a sudden became very appealing working out at €14.50 each. I did have to double check with the sales assistant that I had read the sign right!

I'm so glad I did buy them. I don't know why I ever questioned buying them in the past because having them now, I absolutely love them. They feel great on my skin and make me feel really good when I apply the lotion after a nice soak in the bath. The smell is divine. I have Scandalous. The scent lingers on for days and days afterwards. Just dreamy.

For my bath I love bubbles. Lot's of bubbles. The more the merrier!

Recently in Dubai I bought a bunch from Bath and Body Works and they bubble up really well! 

The smells are delicious, I wish I had bought more now!

Also I bought a couple of bottles of Radox bubble bath when we were in the UK recently. Excited to use them. Stress relief, so I'm hoping they're gonna be good ones.

I am partial to a bath bomb and one's from Lush are always a bloggers fave. But again in Tesco recently I picked up a box of four fruity ones for only 99p which I'm eager to try. 

Remember that a bit of pampering doesn't have to be expensive either. Look out for the offers and even treat yourself to a gift set at Christmas too. You know, keep the free one from Boot's bogof's for yourself! 

I do believe a little bit of body pampering is great for the mind as well. It's all about relaxing and #selfcare.

I'm no expert on looking after the mind - I have as many issues and insecurities as the next person, but I do think when you become overwhelmed with a situation or life you have to literally take a deep breath and take a step back. 

• Have a cry - I do often

Exercise - I always find doing a little something first thing sets you off right for the day - try downloading a 7 min workout app - even the most lazy amongst us i.e me! can squeeze in a quick 7 minutes!

• Make a cup of tea, hot chocolate, Earl grey whatever is your preference and just stop and take a moment. 

• Put on a face mask and chill for 20mins (I don't actually know if face masks really do anything, but I do know that they make me feel good after I've applied one)

Put on a feel good movie

• Listen to some favourite music

There are so many daily stresses in life, many out of our control, we need to learn to not put too much pressure on ourselves and look for the good, the positive and the happy. 

For some reason life seems harder in these cold and grey winter months.

We have to try not let it be.

We need to stay healthy, active, pamper ourselves often and smile.

We all need to smile and laugh lot's.

What top tips do you have when it comes to pampering and selfcare. Please share in the comments below...

Heather ♥


  1. Ahhhh Heather I too am a bath lover. Its my treat at the end of every day and I look forward to it. I have a thing for decadent bath oils and shower gels, so baths are my pamper and relax x

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