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More snow in France

This morning we woke up to the perfect snowy garden. Crisp, fresh snow which was made even more beautiful with the bright sunshine beaming down through the blue winter skies. If you saw my last post about the snow   here   (yep I'm British and love talking about the weather! lol!) You'd notice that a lot more has laid today then we had before and with the sunshine it makes it look so much prettier. Even though I am full of this horrible cold that seems to be doing the rounds, I did venture outside to take some more pictures of the garden in the snow. If you follow my  Insta   you would of seen my latest #selfie which is not the most flattering granted, but I am liking how my cold has somehow made my lips look all plumped up!  Not much more from me today, so I will leave you with some pretty snow pictures. How's the snow in your neck of the woods?  Are you loving all the wintery scenery we're having?  Heather ♥

Cats Are Amazing... If Only They Wouldn't Trash The Place!

Cats vs dogs. It’s a debate that’s raged for about as long as we (as a species) have domesticated both. Suffice to say, each pet offers a range of subtly different gratifications. Likewise, both also come with a certain set of ca(t)veats. Both have what can only be described as a talent for domestic destruction and a flagrant disregard for the play toys that double as important household items for us. Everything from socks to cell phones is fair game when you have a pet in the house. Yet, for cat lovers nothing compares to the feeling of sheer adoration when their faithful feline strides into the room, leaps up onto your lap and proceeds to headbutt you in the face before carving your thighs to shreds with their claws. There’s no feeling of closeness like the tiny vibrations from a purring kitty in your arms. Cats are unequivocally awesome… But they are also master saboteurs. If you are thinking of owning a house cat, here are some modifications you can make to stop them trashin

Alicante Airport → Torrevieja Bus Timetable

~ Disclaimer - information correct at the time of publishing this post ~ When we first moved back to Spain a couple of years ago, while Mark was commuting to the UK I would rely on public transport to get me around, especially for getting to and from the airport, for when I'd fly over to visit Mark during the week. At first I did find it hard to track down information for bus timetables etc for our little Orihuela Costa, but I did find a handy website called The website contains all the information for the bus from Torrevieja to Alicante airport and back. If like me when I find information like this I want it laid out in the most easiest, simplest, not have to think about it at all in anyway, kind of format. So, below I have grabbed the information from and laid it out hopefully in an easy way to read and something you can always screen shot and save for the future. The bus fare is   €7  each way. I alw

Smartening Up Your Home's Exterior

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Develop Your Creative Side This Year

Credit Creativity is something that exists within all of us, but not everyone knows how to bring it out of themselves. If you have always wanted to try and be a little more creative , but you are not quite sure where to start, you are not alone. A lot of people wish that they were developing their creativity and that they did more to enhance whatever skills they might already have. Or you might feel that you don’t have any, and you want to start developing some. In any case, it’s always possible to do so, and it’s important to realize that everyone can be creative if they put their mind to it. In this post, we will take a look at some of the best pieces of advice you could follow on this front, so that you can make sure to develop your own creativity as much as you like this year. You might be surprised at the kinds of creative ventures you can pursue and skills you can develop once you really try. First Change Your Mind To begin with, you will need to make sure that y

Embracing Urban Chic For Your Living Room

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Bring The Outdoors Indoors

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Snowing in France

~ this post contains affiliate links, see my  Disclaimer/Contact  page for more details ~ It's snowing! If you watched my insta stories earlier you would of seen I ventured out in the snow to take a few pics around the garden. Even though it is quite chilly and our pipes have frozen to the upstairs shower! It's still really pretty seeing the pure white snow covering the lawn, shrubs and trees. I love when the snow is super fresh, where no-ones walked or driven over it yet. My new coat from  Desigual   which we won't talk about the fact I bought it in the sale with 10% discount and it's now got 50% OFF! Cheers to the snow! Are you a fan of the snow? Or do you just like to look at it? Or is it wayyyyy too cold!? Is it snowing where you are? Heather ♥ follow for more with Facebook  •  Instagram  •  Twitter

Making Your Home Feel Welcoming

At the end of the day, every homeowner is striving to make their household feel warm and inviting. Some people might have creative aspirations that drive them to tackle a renovation like a proper interior designer, but it all comes down to that special feeling of warmth and cosiness. We all want our homes to feel personalised and unique. And if you don’t feel that your house is currently the best it could be then it might be time to change that. The following pieces of advice should help you to make your home feel welcoming. Create focal points. Focal points can definitely help to make a household feel welcoming. For instance, your fireplace should really draw people’s attention when they enter the living room. You should light it every now and again or get an electric fireplace to maintain the visual presence of such a powerful focal point. It evokes warmth and cosiness even when it’s not turned on. And that’s the key to a strong focal point; it changes the way you feel abou

Making Traditional Decor Feel Modern and Fresh


Relaxing at Cabo Roig Marina

When we were last over in Spain at the house, we headed down to one of our favourite spots on the Costa Blanca South. It's always somewhere we love to take friends and family as well. Cabo Roig Marina is tucked away behind the busy N332. Once you turn off the main road you drive through the palm tree lined streets passing some absolutely gorgeous houses, which are definitely on the 'when we win the lottery' list!  I love the drive to Cabo Roig Marina. The streets are quiet and calm. The palm trees give you a real tropical holiday kinda vibe. Then when you take the turning to the marina down a steep hill the view is amazing. It's quite a small marina, but a lovely display of boats and a couple of restaurants too. The first restaurant is The Clipper, which we've been too a few times now (it was closed on that particular day though, I'm guessing as it's the low season).  Then further round the marina there's a much larger r

Why Home Maintenance Is Important

Photo credit Whatever type of home you have, whether it is a country house, a riverside apartment or a standard semi-detached house, keeping on top of home maintenance is essential. It isn’t a job that most of us enjoy, and it can be expensive at times, but it is part and parcel of being a homeowner. Here are a few reasons why a regular maintenance schedule is essential. Saves You Money Ok, so we said above about home maintenance costing you money, and that is very true. However, by keeping it up to date, in the long term, you will save money. For example, your roof. It is a lot cheaper to replace tiles with Roofing Supplies UK as and when they fall off, or repair guttering and drainpipes than replace a whole roof (and the damage it causes!) when it collapses. Basic maintenance and repairs are important tasks to perform around your home and easily prevent more expensive repairs or replacements, Reduces Your Energy Consumption Your home uses a lot of energy kee