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More snow in France

Cats Are Amazing... If Only They Wouldn't Trash The Place!

Alicante Airport → Torrevieja Bus Timetable

~ Disclaimer - information correct at the time of publishing this post ~ When we first moved back to Spain a couple of years ago, while Mark was commuting to the UK I would rely on public transport to get me around, especially for getting to and from the airport, for when I'd fly over to visit Mark during the week. At first I did find it hard to track down information for bus timetables etc for our little Orihuela Costa, but I did find a handy website called The website contains all the information for the bus from Torrevieja to Alicante airport and back. If like me when I find information like this I want it laid out in the most easiest, simplest, not have to think about it at all in anyway, kind of format. So, below I have grabbed the information from and laid it out hopefully in an easy way to read and something you can always screen shot and save for the future. The bus fare is   €7  each way. I alw

Smartening Up Your Home's Exterior

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Develop Your Creative Side This Year


Embracing Urban Chic For Your Living Room

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Bring The Outdoors Indoors

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Snowing in France

Making Your Home Feel Welcoming

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Making Traditional Decor Feel Modern and Fresh


Relaxing at Cabo Roig Marina

When we were last over in Spain at the house, we headed down to one of our favourite spots on the Costa Blanca South. It's always somewhere we love to take friends and family as well. Cabo Roig Marina is tucked away behind the busy N332. Once you turn off the main road you drive through the palm tree lined streets passing some absolutely gorgeous houses, which are definitely on the 'when we win the lottery' list!  I love the drive to Cabo Roig Marina. The streets are quiet and calm. The palm trees give you a real tropical holiday kinda vibe. Then when you take the turning to the marina down a steep hill the view is amazing. It's quite a small marina, but a lovely display of boats and a couple of restaurants too. The first restaurant is The Clipper, which we've been too a few times now (it was closed on that particular day though, I'm guessing as it's the low season).  Then further round the marina there's a much larger r

Why Home Maintenance Is Important

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Tips to Prepare for Your DIY Home Improvements


Slow January and life update

The Accessories That Make Your Home Cosier

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Exploring when you're visiting somewhere new

I mage Credit - 'Exploring when you're visiting somewhere new' is a contrbuted post to my blog which may also contain affiliate links, see my disclaimer/contact page for more info. I found this article interesting and informative and thought it would be something interesting for you guys to read too! - Regardless of how much you might like to travel , you may or may not find yourself actually exploring the local area when you do so. A lot of people go on holiday or see many places, but don’t do very much actual exploring of the area they find themselves in. While this is a perfectly acceptable way to go about things, the truth is that you can also gain much more by taking the time to explore a little. But if you are not used to doing that, you might find it a little difficult knowing how to actually make it happen. In this post, we are going to discuss some of the things you might want to consider if you are thinking of getting exploring in some exotic setting.

Laura Hamilton - A Place in the Sun

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