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Bring The Outdoors Indoors

Modern homes can sometimes feel disconnected from the outside world. This could be particularly the case for apartments and urban homes that may not have a garden. For those wanting to give their home a more natural feel, here are just a few ways to bring the outdoors indoors.

Grow houseplants

Houseplants are great for bringing some outdoor life into your home and have a number of other benefits. Plants are a source of fresh oxygen and they can help us to concentrate and improve our mental well being. They can also improve air quality by helping to rid the air of dust and pollutants. Some plants such as peace lily and Boston fern also have natural dehumidifying properties making them great for the bathroom, whilst the likes of lavender and jasmine can improve sleep quality making them excellent choices for the bedroom. It’s even possible to grow edible plants indoors such as tomato plants and orange trees which can be added to cooking to make your meals more organic.

Let in more sunlight

You can also bring the outdoors indoors by relying less on artificial light and relying more on natural light. Human beings need light from the sun as it is full of vitamin D which is essential for physical and mental well being. You can let extra natural lights into your home by putting in extra windows. Skylights in particular are a great way to let in more natural light. You can also find ways to reflect light to maximise its use in the home such as using mirrors and reflective surfaces.  

Use natural materials

Synthetic materials make up many of today’s furniture designs. Choosing natural materials could be another way of providing a connection to the outside world. Instead of Perspex coffee tables and metal bed frames, consider wooden options such as oak furniture. Meanwhile, when it comes to sofas and armchairs, consider leather and cotton instead of synthetic fibres. You may even be able to make your flooring more natural – if you’ve currently got a lino kitchen floor, why not consider replacing it with some polished ceramic tiles or a natural wooden floor? Similarly, you should explore natural options for countertops – instead of plastics, think wood or stone.

Introduce natural scents

Many modern homes rely on artificial chemicals such as bleach to smell good. To keep your home smelling good whilst also keeping it natural, why not consider aromas such as pine or lavender? These natural scents can be introduced to your home through candles or through an oil diffuser. You may even be able to simply rely on houseplants with a nice aroma (another reason to introduce houseplants into your home). It’s even possible to make your own scents by boiling various ingredients in hot water in a pan.
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