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Cats Are Amazing... If Only They Wouldn't Trash The Place!

Suncream and Sparkles / Heather Townsend

Cats vs dogs. It’s a debate that’s raged for about as long as we (as a species) have domesticated both. Suffice to say, each pet offers a range of subtly different gratifications. Likewise, both also come with a certain set of ca(t)veats. Both have what can only be described as a talent for domestic destruction and a flagrant disregard for the play toys that double as important household items for us. Everything from socks to cell phones is fair game when you have a pet in the house. Yet, for cat lovers nothing compares to the feeling of sheer adoration when their faithful feline strides into the room, leaps up onto your lap and proceeds to headbutt you in the face before carving your thighs to shreds with their claws. There’s no feeling of closeness like the tiny vibrations from a purring kitty in your arms.

Cats are unequivocally awesome… But they are also master saboteurs. If you are thinking of owning a house cat, here are some modifications you can make to stop them trashing the place. Don’t worry, there are opportunities to get creative with it and you can even potentially add value to your home.

Invest in a good scratching post

Cats need to scratch. As cute and fluffy as they may be, it’s important to remember that they are sharing a home with one of nature’s most highly evolved killing machines. Their instincts are bred from an urge to hunt. Of course in a cosy home setting their hunting instincts are redundant but that won’t stop them from needing to exercise their skills. When cats scratch it’s a mini workout for them that exercise the muscles in their paws, backs and forelimbs.

If you fail to invest in a good scratching post, don’t be surprised if they test out this skill somewhere else like your expensive furniture or hanging outdoor coat.

Consider alternatives to carpet

While most cats prefer to scratch vertical surfaces (they are, after all, natural climbers) but there are some who prefer to dig their claws into your carpet and drag themselves along. This can lead to patterns of wear which can effectively ruin an expensive carpet. Instead of installing expensive carpeted flooring the next time your floors need a makeover, consider getting floating floors at your nearest Carpet One store. Floating floors do not need nails or adhesive. They’re easy to install and impervious to damage from wayward claws.  

Place a room purifier wherever you keep your litter tray

We adore our pets and the look of contentment on their happy little faces when they treat us to the “slow blink”. It fills us with pride and makes us feel that we might actually be quite decent for human beings. However, as much as we love our fur babies, the smell that is emitted from a freshly used litter tray is ripped from the bowels of Hades itself. The smell of cat urine and feces is laden with scent marking hormones making it even more pungent than its canine (or human) counterpart.

This smell can be extremely persistent which is why it’s a good idea to have an air purifier in the same room as your cat litter. It will remove offensive particles from the air rather than just masking them.

When you have the right infrastructure in place you can enjoy all the benefits of cat ownership without the grisly aftermath.

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