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Embracing Urban Chic For Your Living Room

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Are you getting bored of pastels and beige? Most people do after a while. There’s only so much soft carpeting and squishiness you can place around a house before you start to feel bored and want something a little edgier around the house. Tastes change, and you shouldn’t ignore that when it happens to you - you could discover a whole new side of yourself if you just embrace the edgy and opt for something a little more urban chic in your home.

Your living room is the one room in the home that is used the most, so it stands to reason that this may be the space you choose for a serious facelift. The problem? You have no idea how to smash your urban obsession into the House That Pastels Built. The chance to update to a more urban chic way is going to allow you to blend raw materials like wood and metals with industrial lighting fixtures and classic elements, so that you can combine the traditional and the modern for a look that is timeless. Here are five designs that you could consider for your new urban chic living room:

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Let In The Concrete

So many people cover up concrete walls, and they often turn their noses up at concrete tables and furnishing, believing that they look unfinished. Here’s the thing; mixing concrete and steel can give you the perfect functional, stylish combination that your home needs the most.

Consider Geometrics

When you think of urban interior design, you need to imagine the chicness of the city brought inside the home. Cities are made up of geometric shapes, and you can incorporate this in your picture frames, mirrors and lampshades. There’s something exciting and interesting in the patterns that are created, perfect for those who want a change.

Pipes? Yes, Please!

Some amazing radiator artwork can add a level of elegance to your living room without you even trying. Exposed pipes bring the city urbanity into the house, and you can have pipes and hardware in your home open to view - especially in the lounge. You’d be utilizing metals here, which is exactly how urban chic works.

Au Naturale

Wood is one of the most natural materials there is, so it’s time to expose it, uncover it, and embrace it in the lounge. Low benches of oak, pallet furniture and simple furniture items can make such a difference to a lounge space if you take the time to design it right. Wood is perfect for bringing the earthiness of the world into the lounge.

What’s Your Sign?

One thing you’ll see in any large city, is an abundance of signs. Metal signs are particularly popular, and they can also be incredibly artistic. It’s why people choose to use license plates as decoration and you can create an amazing gallery wall built of the city signs you find.

Embrace urban chic in 2019 and change the way you view your own style.

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